Integrated Payments Fueled by Stax Connect

Fuel your platform with the power of Payments-Led Growth: a significant, sustainable, and scalable business growth source. Stax Connect provides integrated payment solutions with payments expertise, flexible technology, and adoption expertise.


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SaaS Companies Use Stax Connect to Fuel Their Payments-Led Growth

The Payments-Led Growth framework unlocks revenue potential and a sticker experience for your customers. Only Stax Connect offers complete guidance and strategizing to help you launch a successful integration that works with your existing software platform while also benefiting your customers. The powerful Payments-Led Growth framework with Stax Connect will take your platform to the next level.

Payments Expertise

Stax learns your business to create a custom payments strategy and integration so you can launch your payment product quickly while also handling safety, security, and compliance for you.

Flexible Technology

Fully white-label our payment processing portal, or integrate payments by building on just one API and adding features that make the most sense for your customers.

Adoption Expertise

We work with you to accelerate adoption using integrated payments. From tokenization and migrating your existing sub-merchants, to selling and marketing payments with your existing technology stack.

See 141% ROI With Integrated Payments

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to find the impacts and ROI of Stax Connect under the Payments-Led Growth framework. Learn how vertical SaaS platforms can expedite growth and create an additional stream of revenue, estimated at $900K according to the Total Economic Impact of Stax Connect study.

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How Stax Connect Works

Reaching SaaS growth is a powerful combination of customer retention, acquisition, creating lifetime value, and enhancing your product features. But what if you could grow with payments? Introducing Payments-Led Growth: Stax Connect combines Payments Expertise, Flexible Technology, and Adoption Expertise to fuel your success by integrating payments.

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1. Stax Connect Helps You Understand and Grasp Payments

We’ll guide you through the ins and outs of accepting payments on your platform, from implementation to post-launch. Without a solid understanding of payments security, technology, and adoption, many platforms fail to truly realize the potential of Payments-Led Growth.

Safety and Security

Stax handles risk management, underwriting, compliance, and a sponsor bank relationship for you, so your customers can easily apply and enroll.

Implementation Strategy

Our Partner Success Team will formulate a path to success so you can integrate payments with technology that makes the most sense for your customers.

Onboarding Support

With white-label enrollment options or full integration with the Stax API, Stax manages underwriting and approval of your merchants with automation and ample customer support.

2. Establish ROI and Apply Payments

ROI modeling uncovers the impacts of integrating payments beyond revenue and aligns with the “why” of payment integration. Using payments specific to your business will scale growth with monetizable features that make sense, such as surcharging, ACH, custom pricing, etc.

Deep Industry Understanding

Our team brings experience and knowledge of your SaaS vertical and works closely with you to understand the goals, impact opportunities, and best practices to integrate payments into your platform.

ROI Modeling

We’ll show you the true impacts of integrating payments and give you the tools to effectively sell, implement, and scale with Payments-Led Growth.

Personal Collaboration and Education

No more cloud-based documents and chat robots. Our team will fly, drive, or even sprint, to collaborate on how Payments-Led Growth will impact your business.

3. Integrate Payments with the Stax API

Get started as soon as tomorrow with zero development and a proprietary white-labeled enrollment system or build custom enrollment flows through our API, with features such as surcharging, split payments, ACH, and more.

Custom Integration and Enrollment Options

Use our proprietary white-labeled enrollment system or have merchants sign up directly from your software or app with customizable enrollment flows.

One API For Everything

Build custom features as you go, without needing multiple APIs—add features such as surcharging, Card Present, and Card Not Present Payments.

Adaptable Revenue Opportunities

You decide whether you want to use surcharging to grow revenue and cover processing costs, or enable a custom fee structure for your customers' transactions.

4. Go-to-Market Planning

Without a plan to promote your new payments technology, processing volume stays stagnant and your Payments-Led Growth plan can fall flat. We’ll help you identify who your customers using payments are, and why they need to process payments through your platform.

Partner Marketing Portal

Make the lift of planning and executing on your campaign plans as easy as possible with a library of landing page templates, email content, blog content, webinar outlines, and more.

Campaign Support

We'll give you key insight into how payments will make an impact, whether you are targeting current merchants to switch from a previous payment processor, or attracting new customers with payments.

Promote Relevant Features

The most relevant and valuable features of your payments technology will build the most excitement for your customers, depending on their needs.

5. Drive Payments Adoption

Easily onboard existing merchants from your previous payment processor to your integrated payments platform with guidance from our experts. Our team is an extension of your own, helping you enable sales and marketing to drive adoption and revenue growth.

Onboard New Customers Fast

Give users the ability to process payments within 20 minutes of getting started. Stax securely validates each business using AML, KYC, Credit Check, and OFAC.

Dedicated Partner Success Team

A dedicated Partner Success Manager is available as an extension of your team to support onboarding new and existing merchants, as well as your go-to-market strategy.

Advanced Reporting and Dashboards

Oversee user activity with access to residual reporting, volume monitoring, and payment activity through the Command Center dashboard.

Stax Connect Features: One API

Stax suite of developer tools is available for software companies to begin development right away. No matter the platform, easily enable payments via a single Stax API.

  • s

    Card-Present and Card-not-Present Payments

    Allow users to optimize their payment experience with customizable terminals, cloud-based hardware management tools, invoicing, and easy-to-integrate API.
  • Software Platform Integration

    Enable payment processing in your platform using Javascript, Python, and more through the Stax RESTful API.
  • Hosted Payments

    Accept and protect sensitive payment data on a website with Stax.js, our easy-to-use Javascript plug-in.
  • Mobile Payments

    Enhance your mobile app with the ability to to key in and swipe payments and store payment methods for future use with developer-friendly SDKs for iOS and Android.
  • Business Tool Connectivity

    Create webhooks to send information from your app or website to other business tools such as Google Workspace, MailChimp, and CRMs.

    ACH Processing

    • Accept more than credit cards. Move funds between bank accounts electronically without needing a physical check or bank card.

    Card Tokenization

    • Securely store keyed and swiped payment methods for future use after the original payment is processed.

    Recurring Payments

    • Schedule future payments and set up payment plans to be processed automatically. Efficiently process recurring payments without asking for payment information with every transaction.

    One-Time Payments

    • Key in payments using a desktop or mobile device, or swipe payments using a mobile reader or Wi-Fi countertop terminal

    Split Payments

    • Split payments for customers that need to use multiple payment methods when paying an invoice.

    Integrated Surcharging

    • Reduce risk with automated surcharge compliance capabilities and expand user payment acceptance features across in-person, online, keyed, and mobile payments.

    Level 2 Processing

    • Easily configure accounts to automatically send required card-not-present payments data for Level 2 processing.

    Email & Text Invoicing

    • Decrease the amount of time it takes to get paid and conveniently send electronic invoices via email or SMS.

    Card Updater

    • Automatically update deactivated or expired cards that are stored for future and recurring payments.

    Dispute Manager

    • Easily view and respond to incoming chargebacks.

    Data Analytics

    • Manage payments data across multiple locations or channels of the business from a single dashboard.


    • Swipe payments by sending transactions from your platform to a Wi-Fi-enabled terminal.
    • EMV & Contactless Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa payWave, Mastercard PayPass.

    Mobile Readers

    • Easily connect to Bluetooth-enabled iOS and Android devices to send transactions from your mobile app to a mobile reader enabled via Bluetooth.
    • Swipe, dip, or tap on the go.
    • Accept all EMV card types.

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