Process in-person and online payments in your platform with our industry leading RESTful API, fully compatible with all languages

Website payments

Utilize Stax.js for a seamless checkout process that matches your website’s aesthetic, and effortlessly embed a credit card field iframe within your payment form

Custom integrations

Create webhooks to send data from the Stax API into other business tools such as Slack, Zapier, Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and CRMs – and vice versa

Software platform integration

Easily add payment processing capabilities to your software and mobile apps with comprehensive mobile software development kits in Javascript and Python, and language agnostic RESTful API.

Single and recurring payments

Submit and accept one-time credit card or ACH payments through your website and use stored payment methods to set up subscriptions

Enable omni-channel payments

Add in-person and online payment acceptance functionality and accept swiped, tapped, and keyed payments through a single API

Email and text invoices

Set up regular and scheduled invoices that reflect the professionalism and branding associated with your business via email or SMS text message

Accept and protect sensitive payment data

Keep sensitive payment data safe and PCI compliant with our easy-to-use Javascript plug-in, Stax.js.

Charge and tokenize payments

Keep customer account information safe and secure with tokenized payments that reduce PCI scope when accepting credit card and ACH payments in person, online, by phone, and via mobile

Customized to fit your website

Ensure your checkout process reflects your aesthetic by embedding a styleable Stax.js credit card field iframe within your existing payment form

Level 1 PCI compliance

Stax’s security and advanced payment risk management protocols ensure sensitive data is stored in compliance with PCI standards

Create the perfect platform for your business

Enhance the development of your solution by adding or syncing customer management, inventory tracking, invoicing, recurring billing, mobile payments, and more.

iOS and Android SDKs

Swipe and key on-the-go payments with your mobile app by leveraging our developer-friendly software development kits for iOS and Android

Instantly update customer data

Automatically send payment confirmation to your customers the moment a transaction is processed

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