What is payments-led growth?

Payments-led growth creates company-wide alignment across revenue teams (from product to sales and marketing) around payments – a significant and scalable revenue contributor.

Instead of relying only on subscriptions alone, Stax Connect’s powerful and scalable program uses flexible technology alongside payments and adoption expertise to help vertical SaaS companies maximize revenue potential.

Flexible technology

Omnichannel processing solutions simplify payment acceptance across various channels through a unified API and a single merchant account. The result? Streamlined transaction management, consolidated through a cloud-connected management portal.

Flexible technology includes:

  • All-in-one API
  • White label capabilities 
  • Simplified enrollment and onboarding flows

Payments expertise

Integration alone does not guarantee success with payments. It requires expertise and a strategic partnership to transform embedded payments into a sustainable revenue stream as your platform scales.

A payments expert should be fluent in:

  • Implementation support
  • PCI compliance
  • Risk and underwriting

Adoption expertise

Marketing and selling payments is complex. Your payment partner should offer a choice of referral or reseller models, backed by motivated sales and support teams to maximize adoption and revenue.

Adoption expertise entails:

  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Sales enablement and marketing support
  • Dedicated growth and account management teams

Before payments-led growth

  • Limited customer experience, making your users juggle multiple platforms to run their business
  • Decreased revenue growth without monetizing transactions or driving adoption
  • Lower valuation from investors that see payments as a promising, stable source of consistent revenue
  • Insufficient data on your customers’ business performance and growth

After payments-led growth

  • Better customer experience with an all-in-one solution to take payments, view transactions, and manage reporting
  • Unlocked revenue stream with payments as a significant component of your business
  • Increased valuation with a stickier product feature that supplies a sustainable stream of revenue
  • Access to useful data that gives you a glimpse into the potential of your market and customer revenue growth

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