Stax Processing redefines payment processing

for merchants, ISVs, ISOs, and SMBs using proprietary software and solutions. Our payment technology platform simplifies payments and offers partners and merchants customizable options, meeting all of your processing needs.

Key features include:

Limitless acceptance capabilities

Designed to accommodate a variety of payment methods, providing unparalleled flexibility

Unified platform integration

Simplifies operations by ensuring all systems, from boarding to payouts, communicate flawlessly with one another

Direct processor integration

Allows for direct control over the payment experience, from processing to reporting, enhancing efficiency and security

Seamless onboarding

Merchants benefit from faster onboarding and access to services that are easy-to-use, saving time and money while alleviating significant operational headaches

Customizable payment solutions

Tailored options cater to the specific needs of merchants, ISVs, ISOs, and payment facilitators, supporting a personalized payment journey

Comprehensive reporting

Unlock the full potential of your business with our advanced reporting tools, designed to inform on critical insights, and streamline transaction management.

Portfolio transparency

  • Streamlined management reporting tools
  • Clear visibility into your processing portfolio
  • Daily operational insights

Merchant insights

  • Proprietary reporting modules
  • In-depth analysis of merchant activities
  • Multi-location hierarchy overview

Transaction management

  • Sophisticated reconciliation tools
  • Simplified transaction tracking
  • Enhanced profitability reporting

Data accessibility

  • Reduced navigation complexity
  • Full data transparency
  • Easy access to actionable information


Stax Processing empowers businesses with full control over settlements, seamless daily reconciliation, and a suite of in-house services including merchant boarding and risk management, ensuring streamlined operations and data integrity.

Complete control

  • Complete admin control over settlements
  • Approve, hold, or remove transactions pre-settlement
  • Enhanced visibility on payouts

Daily reconciliation

  • Cooperative with card associations for accuracy
  • Includes transaction re-processing and merchant funding
  • Facilitates all necessary file transmissions

Clearing & data integrity

  • Addresses transaction misclassifications and fraud alerts
  • Allows for re-processing and optimizing interchange qualifications
  • Ensures data accuracy for merchant transactions

Comprehensive in-house functions

  • Full spectrum of services: from merchant boarding to compliance
  • In-house handling of risk mitigation and ISO services
  • Streamlined reporting and compliance procedures

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