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One flat price. One platform. Every payment.

Radically simplify your payments infrastructure with an all-in-one platform and subscription-style merchant services.


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  • Accept Every Type 
of Payment

    Whether it’s swiped, keyed, mobile, online, or contactless, easily accept customer payments from anywhere with radically simplified all-in-one payment solutions.

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  • Invoicing + Cards 
on File

    Get paid faster with Stax. Instantly send electronic invoices via email or SMS text and reduce payment delay with automatic payment reminders. Create customer profiles for subscribers and store payment information so you never miss a future payment.

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  • Dashboards + Advanced Reporting

    Gain access to compelling data and powerful tools proven to ignite business growth. Heatmap tools help track your busiest times and determine which inventory items are most in demand.

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  • Customer Management

    Invest in relationships and market to your most valuable customers. Use Stax Pay to track customer health, review transaction history, and manage on-file cards.

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  • Surcharging

    Increase savings by reducing the cost of credit card processing by passing fees on to card paying customers.

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  • Custom Branding

    Our software, your brand. Provide a seamless customer experience with whitelabeled touchpoints like invoices, terminals, and online payment portals.

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  • Same-Day Funding

    Gain fast access to your money. Same-day funding guarantees you receive your hard-earned dollars within 24 hours.

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  • QuickBooks® 
Online Pro Sync

    Spend less time reconciling and accounting and more time running your business. Easily integrate QuickBooks Online with Stax to automatically sync your customers, payments, invoices, and more.

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Run your entire business with Stax.

Save money and get paid faster with subscription-based payment technology. Stax’ all-in-one payment platform eliminates the need to work with multiple vendors, empowering businesses to think smarter, move faster, and increase profits.

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