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Grow your online presence with Stax’ payment solutions and eCommerce tools. Expand online shopping capabilities allowing your customers to pay in more ways, manage and compare sales trends, and easily add a beautifully designed checkout page or pre-built cart to your website with no development needed.


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Integrate With Multiple Gateways

Easily integrate Stax’ powerful payment processing tools with enhanced functionality and data into your existing shopping cart.

Build Your Own Custom Shopping Cart or Use Ours

Use Stax developer tools to build custom shopping carts that integrate into your store or activate a pre-built cart with just a single click.

Analytics & Inventory Management

Access in-depth reporting to increase profits and maximize revenue. Compare products and service sales trends from one unified dashboard and effortlessly sync accounting data between Stax and QuickBooks.

Shopping Cart Integrations

Stax flexible payment solutions easily integrate with your already existing shopping cart. Our enhanced functionality offers advanced fraud protection, customer data management, and custom batch times to strengthen your eCommerce website.

Integrates With Top Payment Gateways

Optimize your current shopping cart with enhanced payment functionality and data. Stax integrates with a majority of the most popular eCommerce gateways, including Bigcommerce, Magento, Shift4Shop, WooCommerce, and SalesForce.

Advanced Protection Built-In

Prevent unnecessary loss with robust security & fraud protection built for your eCommerce business. Reduce chargebacks by validating customer information instantly.

Set Automatic Batch Times

Customize the time to settle daily activity with automatic batch times you set right from within the Stax Platform. Improve cash flow with Same Day or Next Day funding.

Add an Online Shopping Cart

Start selling almost instantly with a pre-built shopping cart that can be set up with one click or build a custom cart with our developer tools.

Process Online Orders Instantly

With our one-click shopping cart simply add the products and service items, click create, and your online cart is active and ready to process orders.

Easy To Use Pre-Built Templates

Build your own online store with Stax pre-designed shopping cart templates or use our developer tools to add payment processing to your existing app, website, or software.

No Coding Or Configuration Needed

Eliminate the need to hire a high-priced developer for coding and configuration with the one-click online shopping cart and the ability to build a cart using the pre-built template that best suits your business needs.

Track Analytics for Both Physical and Online Store

Gain a clear and convenient view of the data needed for continuous revenue growth year over year. Compare sales trends and track product inventory right from one easy-to-use platform.

Monitor Sales Trends

Manage staff and stock accordingly and monitor active times of the day or week with the Stax heatmap report.

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of catalog items and inventory for both online and offline store locations all in one place.

Customer Reporting

Gain real-time insights on online and in-store purchasing trends to effectively determine the lifetime value of each customer for greater decision-making capabilities.

QuickBooks® Two-Way Sync

Effortlessly sync purchases, payments, and catalog items between Stax and QuickBooks® for a more accurate, up-to-date financial view of your business.

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