How payments-led growth is changing the way vertical SaaS companies grow

Payments-led growth creates company-wide alignment across revenue teams (from product to sales and marketing) around payments – a significant and scalable revenue contributor.

Instead of relying only on subscriptions alone, Stax Connect’s powerful and scalable program uses flexible technology alongside payments and adoption expertise to help vertical SaaS companies maximize revenue potential.

People-powered payments expertise

Stax Connect builds partners’ payment capabilities under our payments-led growth framework. We wanted to find out the true impacts of our professional services and technology in order to better understand what’s working and how our partners have successfully grown their businesses with complementary payment solutions.

Here’s the low-down

Our partners can and have seen 141% ROI from integrating payments using our products and services. That’s Payments-Led Growth.

Monetization income of $913,000

Develop an additional pillar of revenue that goes beyond the MRR, and in some cases, surpasses your customer’s monthly subscription fee. Revenue growth also improves with multiple payment types that your customers can accept.

$380,000 in risk mitigation savings

Our robust due diligence and underwriting is proven to show a reduction in disputes across our partners’ platforms. Payments Expertise gives you the confidence to accept payments, knowing that your risk is not on the line.

Marketing support valued at $38,000

We work closely with you to market payment processing services to your merchants. Our experts not only save the composite organization over $38,000 in professional marketing services and deliverables but also ensure maximum value and impact.

Extraordinary benefits that can’t be measured

Payments expertise to streamline underwriting and merchant enrollment. Our knowledge of payments compliance and security effectively guides our partners with efficient approval and fraud prevention.

Flexible technology that provides a broad range of payment types and a streamlined merchant enrollment process. Partners can quickly go to market with our technology by white labeling the Stax API.

Adoption expertise with white-glove customer service and fast problem resolution. Our robust team supports partner concerns as they come up, efficiently and expertly addressing issues raised by merchants.

Get the total economic impact study of Stax Connect and payments-led growth

We consulted Forrester to conduct interviews with our customers, collecting data and quantifying the real benefits they’ve seen since integrating with Stax Connect under the payments-led growth framework. Money talks—and our results have done just that.