Increase revenue

Reduce credit card processing fees

Seamlessly pass up to 100% of credit card fees onto customers compliantly online or in-person. Pass on the fee for credit card transactions with Stax while also offering customers the ability to choose debit as a no-fee option.

Compliance and security

Ensure full compliance with state laws and rules set by credit card brands. Stax understands the importance of compliance and security, protecting your payments from processing fees by staying at the forefront of merchant advocacy and regulation.

Automated surcharge compliance

Feel confident with the industry-leading surcharging compliance technology on the market meeting state and federal surcharging requirements.

Compliant surcharge management

Automatically detect when a debit card is entered and apply no fees. Stax only applies surcharges to credit cards as permitted by state and federal laws and regulations.

Comply with card brand rules including...

  • 1 Register with card brands Our team provides easy access to notify the card brands of your intention to surcharge
  • 2 Inform customers of the surcharge with appropriate signage Our team provides guidance and access to necessary signage as applicable
  • 3 Cap surcharge amount Our solution determines credit card fee that never surpasses 3%. You receive 100% of the sale—no more or less, so you stay compliant and never profit off the surcharge fee
  • 4 Process surcharge amount and price of the product/service together Our solution processes the credit card fee and the purchase amount as one transaction
  • 5 Show the amount of the surcharge as a separate line item Our solution produces a receipt that itemizes the credit card fee
  • 6 Do not apply a surcharge to debit cards Our solution automatically detects when a debit card is entered and applies no fee

Expand payments options

Offer more ways to pay with the ability to openly accept a variety of payments no matter where and how your customers want to pay.

Digital invoicing & recurring billing

Clearly show the transaction cost and surcharge amount on all invoices, including billing for recurring charges


Clearly display fees on surcharge-enabled terminals before processing transactions and on credit card receipts for added transparency


Automatically show credit card users surcharge costs during the payment confirmation stage and allow them to select a surcharge-free payment option


Easily review surcharge costs and confirm customer payments before charging cards on file or collecting payments over the phone


Use any mobile device to instantly accept payments, send invoices, and add new customer payment methods from anywhere with the Stax app

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