Customer Invoicing Made Simple

Level up with powerful easy-to-use billing and invoicing tools designed for today’s growing business. Send customizable invoices to customers via email or text message, schedule recurring billing, and easily track payments from anywhere.


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Professional Invoicing

Send professional digital invoices that better fit your business. Drag and drop multiple fields, select tax rates, and add memos for a more personalized brand experience.

Get Paid Faster

Monitor credit card, check, and cash payments in one place and conveniently send digital payment reminders to get paid faster.

Seamlessly Track Payments

Track the status of every invoice at any time from a computer or mobile device and instantly know which payments have been completed or are still pending.

Flexible Digital Invoicing

Create and immediately send customizable digital invoices and seamlessly manage pending and paid invoices. Revel in limitless revenue generation with the freedom to accept payments any time of day, from anywhere in the United States.

Customized to Your Business

Build trust with professional digital invoices personalized to your brand. Add invoice terms, itemize products and services, and give customers the option to quickly pay and save their preferred form of payment.

Set Up Recurring and Scheduled Invoices

Use customer profiles to automatically invoice by email or text and collect payment on a single or recurring schedule right from the Stax Platform.

Send Via Email or Text

Automatically send invoices and confirmation receipts via email or text to customers.

Automate Invoice Reminders

Ensure on-time payment by scheduling and sending invoice reminders to customers leading up to and after the due date.

All Payments and Reporting in One Platform

Save time and get paid faster with Stax. Safely store customer information and payment preferences, streamline payment and billing, and leverage insightful business performance reporting—all in one powerful platform.

Track Invoice Payments in Real Time

Monitor the health of your business in real-time and quickly determine which payments are pending or paid from any device.

Make It Easier to Pay

Provide customers with the convenience of paying invoices with their preferred form of payment online, in person, or over the phone and save their card or checking information for future billing.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Make better business decisions with the ability to seamlessly track invoice payments, monitor service and sales trends, and manage cash flow across your entire business in real-time.

Stax Platform Integrations

Change the way you run your business with powerful integrations that work effortlessly together. Eliminate the need to log into multiple tools by connecting them to the Stax platform for a more unified experience.

QuickBooks® Two-Way Sync

Effortlessly sync unpaid invoices, payments, and catalog items between Stax and QuickBooks®, making your data easy to access.

Website Payments

Create payment links to send directly to customers or embed a pre-built quick pay button to your website and direct customers to pay outstanding, current, and future bills online.

Catalog & Inventory Tracking

Manage inventory, apply discounts, set tax rates, and get low stock alerts to ensure the most popular items are always available.

Zapier and Webhooks Integrations

Connect all your favorite apps into a single location. Use Zapier and webhooks to directly integrate into the Stax platform or augment your custom solution.

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