Sera Stax Payment Integration Case Study

“Software that builds your bottom line”—That’s Sera’s mission for residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and home service businesses.

Sera is a Field Service Management (FSM) software company based in Grapevine, Texas that helps clients grow their financial health with automated intelligence technology by identifying inefficiencies and pricing gaps.

In fact, Sera clients have shown an average of 52% increase in revenue within the first six months of usage.

With a bulletproof pricing model based on job-time efficiency, margin pricing, and labor rates, Sera offers the best-in-class support and satisfaction. Their suite of features includes scheduling, live customer booking, and simple quote building, enabling field service professionals to focus on the work that matters—delivering outstanding service to their customers.

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As a field service management software, Sera ensures that the jobs field service contractors complete are profitable.

With hundreds of field service businesses ranging from plumbing, HVAC, handyman services, and more, Sera needed a way to provide their clients with payment capabilities that seamlessly integrate with their workflows.

Sera works alongside business owners, operators and technicians that are often completing jobs that require their full attention. Instead of worrying about operational efficiencies, payment reconciliation, pricing, and scheduling customer appointments, Sera provides all of those services for you.

As one Sera customer says, “Everything on Sera … makes things a lot more efficient.”

With all of these moving parts, Sera needed a partner that could align with one of their primary value propositions of increasing efficiency.

This meant finding a partner that removed friction points such as delayed requests for merchant approvals and slow communication for support needs.

Enter Stax’s payment solutions.

Derek Ziegler, Sera’s Product Manager, recalls that their partner before Stax “had a phone number for a help line to call. It was a customer service number where you’d be put in a queue, instead of contacting a dedicated account manager that would email you back within an hour.”

Sera Payments Led Growth

All too often, this kind of support is common amongst integrated payment partners.

Stax Connect guides partners with the Payments-Led Growth framework, recognizing that turning on payments is not as simple as a flipped switch.

From Chris Meseke, Head of Product, it was Sera’s primary objective to find a partner that was able to support them while scaling their platform—from merchant onboarding to resolving customer support tickets in a timely manner.


“I’ve never experienced this before with a partnership”—Chris Meseke, Sera’s Head of Payments

Stax Connect’s Director of ISV Partnerships, Tommy Avers found Sera at the right time, although there were many in a crowd that offered payment integration services. However, what stood out the most about Stax was the extended support outside of our typical scope.

Sera Payments

Meseke says, “Stax took ownership and played middleman to a contractor and us. They put together a program plan and a project plan and everything, which was way above and beyond; To come to the table with that was pretty unique.”

Not all payment partners can provide payments expertise, flexible technology, and adoption expertise for your payments product.

That was certainly the case for Sera with their partner before switching.

Since partnering with Stax, Sera has launched Sera Payments, and has seen:

  • Reduction in merchant approval time
  • Larger processing volume per merchant
  • Faster issue resolution


“Stax is always listening to us”

When it comes down to the primary motive behind switching to Stax, it was really about supporting the needs of Sera’s clients better.

“From the onboarding perspective, it’s a knock out of the park,” says Meseke in regards to Stax’s streamlined onboarding and enrollment process for Sera’s merchants.

For clients that made the switch from Sera’s previous payment processor to Stax, “the sentiment is that the support is tremendously better, which makes our experience for our clients a lot better.”

Sera Field Service Software

Integrated Payments Fueled by Payments-Led Growth with Stax Connect

Fuel your platform with the power of Payments-Led Growth: a significant, sustainable, and scalable business growth source. Stax Connect provides integrated payment solutions with payments expertise, flexible technology, and adoption expertise.

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