Stax Recognized As Fastest Growing Payments Technology Company Deloittee Fast 500

We’re excited to share that for the third year in a row, Stax is on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™ as the 137th fastest growing company in North America.

Even more exciting, we were the 3rd highest ranked women-led company thanks to the leadership of Suneera Madhani as CEO and Founder.

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Revenue for Stax grew by 996% year-over-year for the past three fiscal years, processing over $23B and now serving over 22,000 customers.

“The continued growth of Stax makes us all excited to help an even greater number of businesses of all sizes innovate and grow their revenue. Being in a position that allows us to support our customers and our team is extremely rewarding as we continue on this trajectory of growth together,” says Suneera Madhani.

This shared growth is a reflection of our team’s steadfast commitment to creating frictionless payment experiences for every business. When it comes to finding the right payments partner, it’s important to have someone that understands what it takes to grow a business. Especially as more businesses leverage integrated payment technology and solutions than ever before.

“We’re thankful for that trust and commitment, and will continue to make everyone proud to be an integral part of the Stax success story,” she adds. “We promise this is only the beginning of exciting news coming from Stax.”

A Milestone of Opportunity – Deloitte’s 2021 Technology Fast 500

As Stax continues to look ahead, new opportunities rise up – whether it’s to expand on favorite features, add all new products, or offer a wider breadth of options for individuals and businesses to transact.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by Deloitte for the company’s growth, which has been driven by the collective passion of our partners, and our team,” shares Sal Rehmetullah, President and Co-founder of Stax. “Our exponential growth year over year is a testament to the way in which we continue to challenge what has been done before within the industry. It’s exciting to see the increasing number of companies looking for providers that can help them take their business to that next level, knowing that we’re in the best position to help them do that.”

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