Non-Profit Payment Processing: How Chrimata Drives Effortless Digital Donations Through Stax Connect

Chrimata was founded by Pastor Lonny Bingle (a non-profit payment processing CEO since 1981) to simplify digital donation giving and reduce fees for non-profit organizations. After listening to the frustrations of his friends and colleagues, Pastor Bingle realized a need for digital donations to be made simple.

He found that most donation processors focus exclusively on technical functionality rather than creating a platform best suited for non-profit organizations. In response, Pastor Bingle founded Chrimata, a dynamic giving platform specifically developed for ease of use with digital donations.

Backed by over 40 years of pastoral ministry experience, Chrimata strives to deliver non-profits an effortless way of giving and receiving financial contributions instantly via a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

The Vision: Discover the Ideal Nonprofit Payment Processing Partner for Your Organization

Chrimata’s dynamic giving platform, which was specifically developed for ease of use for every type of donor, had quickly become a differentiator within the non-profit payment processing marketplace. However, not long after its launch, the Chrimata platform quickly ran into a web of issues.

Throughout the software development process, Chrimata had partnered with a traditional Independent Sales Organization (ISO), which failed to keep pace with Chrimata’s forward-thinking platform. Chrimata was designed to be simple-to-use, but the platform was struggling to live up to that standard because its payments solution was outclassed.

Technology troubles, communication issues, and platform inefficiencies left Chrimata with outdated functionality, only adding to the frustration many Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) were experiencing. The Chrimata team recognized that they needed to find a partner that not only supplied technical expertise but also had mastery in payment processing optimization.

Even more, they wanted a partner who shared Chrimata’s passion for creating a straightforward, user-first SaaS platform.

The Challenge: Overcoming the Challenges of the Integrated Payments Marketplace Focused on Technology Over User Experience

Chrimata knew the road ahead would prove to be challenging if they did not find a way to provide integrated payments to their clients. It quickly became essential to find a partner committed to bringing client donations into the digital age.

At first, Pastor Bingle was able to find a variety of payment processors who were willing to integrate their payments solution into his unique non-profit software. However, he quickly discovered that most payment processors simply provided an API, leaving him and his team to figure out the rest.

Chrimata’s need required an in-depth ISV partnership and far outweighed the limited resources that most payment facilitators were willing to offer. This need for a true payments technology partner ultimately led them to Stax Connect.

“Choosing the right partner is the difference between success and failure for any organization,” said Pastor Lonny Bingle. “Chrimata chose to partner with Stax after an extensive search of processors available. We knew the difficulties we might incur by switching processors, but the value-added far outweighed our concerns.”

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It was extremely important for Chrimata to find a partner who could prioritize both technology and customer experience, and Stax Connect fit the bill perfectly. Both Chrimata and Stax Connect were disruptors in the marketplace, striving to deliver the best possible software solutions to their customers.

The Stax Connect integration process provided an immediate lift in Chrimata’s performance. Not only were they able to reduce friction in the onboarding process, but they were also able to provide their non-profit users with better payment processing tracking data and deliver an overall better customer experience.

The Solution: Maximize Value with Chrimata’s Customizable Payment Platform

Integrating a complete payments ecosystem powered by Stax Connect enabled a combination of new features for Chrimata customers. A few of the most important platform enhancements included:

  • Securely stored user payment information
  • Recurring ACH payments
  • Customizable text-to-signup experience
  • NFC payment capabilities
  • Branded in-house terminals
  • Expedited internal reconciliation
  • Automatic credit card updates

With assistance from the Stax Marketing and Partner Success teams, Chrimata was able to exceed their user adoption goals in 2020 and increase monthly sub-merchant processing volume by over 900% – all within just two months of launch.

Not only did Chrimata’s brand new, white-labeled payment platform create incredible value for its users, but the functionality also provided an additional revenue stream for the Chrimata team. After an excessively challenging 2020, this proved to be an invaluable benefit for a startup SaaS provider serving a particularly hard-hit industry.

“Stax’s commitment to technology and cutting-edge trends in the marketplace is second to none. Integrating with their software has been a breeze compared to others with whom we have worked. It is for this reason that we have made Stax our sole provider for processing services.”

Easing the Path Forward

The Chrimata team is committed to creating world-class digital solutions while maintaining the highest level of integrity and service for its users. Pastor Bingle knew that seamless payment solutions would always be an integral part of the Chrimata platform and leans on his partners at Stax to further enhance his software’s functionalities and provide an industry-leading, hassle-free donation experience.

As the Chrimata platform continues to grow, their partnership with Stax will help them consistently improve their software offerings.

“Since our transition to Stax, our tech department has been throwing parties rather than hardware. Their attention to detail, focus on vision and quick response to customer needs has been exemplary. I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse Stax.”

About Stax Connect

Stax is an award-winning payment technology leader in FinTech focused on empowering established businesses and software companies to streamline payment acceptance, simplify operations and grow their business. With its all-in-one integrated solution Stax Connect, traditional software companies have access to an entire payments ecosystem at their fingertips. This comprehensive solution equips software companies with the ability to accept payments from within their platforms to help create an overall integrated experience for their users. Stax Connect brings together all of the necessary payment processing tools and services into a single platform, thereby allowing a software company to own and monetize the entire payments experience.

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FAQs about Chrimata Donations

Q: What is Chrimata, and why was it founded?

Chrimata is a dynamic giving platform that was founded by Pastor Lonny Bingle to simplify online donations and reduce processing fees for non-profit organizations. Pastor Bingle identified a need for a digital donations solution that was focused more on usability and less on technical functionality.

Q: What makes Chrimata different in the non-profit payment processing marketplace?

Chrimata stands out in the non-profit processing marketplace with its user-friendly and straightforward platform specially developed for easy digital donations. It is backed by over 40 years of pastoral ministry experience and focuses on enabling non-profits to effortlessly receive financial contributions via smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Q: What kind of challenges were faced by Chrimata, and how were they resolved?

Chrimata faced issues like technology troubles, communication issues, and platform inefficiency during the initial stages of its software development process. To overcome these challenges, they teamed up with Stax Connect, a partner that when chosen, transformed the functionality and user experience of Chrimata’s platform.

Q: Why did Chrimata choose to partner with Stax Connect?

Chrimata chose to collaborate with Stax Connect due to their shared vision for a user-centric SaaS platform. Stax Connect was chosen because of its commitment to technology and ability to deliver customer-focused software solutions, helping Chrimata improve its platform performance and provide a better customer experience.

Q: What impacts did the integration with Stax Connect have on Chrimata’s performance?

The integration with Stax Connect resulted in a significant performance boost for Chrimata. It reduced friction in the onboarding process, provided better payment processing tracking data, and enhanced overall customer experience. In just two months of launching the collaboration, Chrimata saw an increase in monthly sub-merchant processing volume by over 900%.

Q: How do Chrimata and Stax Connect continue to improve their software offerings?

Chrimata and Stax Connect continue to innovate and deliver the best possible software solutions for their customers. By focusing on technology trends and responsiveness, Stax enhances the functionalities of Chrimata’s platform, thus providing a hassle-free donation experience.

Q: What is Stax Connect?

Stax Connect is an award-winning payment technology leader focused on enabling businesses and software companies to streamline payment acceptance and operations. It offers all-in-one integrated solutions, allowing software companies to accept payments within their platforms and create an integrated experience for their users.

Q: What improvements were made to Chrimata’s platform after integrating with Stax Connect?

After integrating with Stax Connect, Chrimata was enabled to add new features to its platform. These included securely stored user payment information, recurring ACH payments, customizable text-to-signup experience, NFC payment capabilities, branded in-house terminals, expedited internal reconciliation, and automatic credit card updates.