Contactless Payments Solutions By Stax

In an ever-evolving economy, now more than ever customers are expecting businesses to provide contactless ways to pay. However, studies have shown that 63% of small businesses still do not have an eCommerce or contactless payments solution that allows them to quickly adapt to the growing demands of a faster, cleaner, touch-free payment experience.

Many modern solutions needed by businesses already exist, including NFC terminals, invoicing software, virtual terminals, and eCommerce shopping carts. However, many of these solutions tend to be offered independently and require more technical knowledge and skill than most small businesses have the capacity or expense to handle. This results in a disjointed experience and overly complicated processes.

What are Stax’ Contactless Payment Solutions?

Stax’ contactless payment solutions enable a safer, more flexible way to make payments. Stax provides businesses with solutions to process touch-free and virtual payments without the need of purchasing multiple payment processing solutions or having to do any manual configuration themselves.

By bringing together all of the necessary tools required for a full digital payments environment into one seamlessly connected platform, Stax provides business owners with the ability to immediately offer a clean, touch-free customer experience.

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What Contactless Payment Options Do I Have Access to Through Stax’ Contactless Payment Solutions?

With Stax’ contactless payment solutions, business owners have immediate access to the core digital payment processing solutions they need to digitize their business in-store and online. These features include:

An Instant Online Shopping Cart

Our one-click Instant Online Shopping Cart allows you to instantly take orders online without the need of purchasing a domain or doing any web coding or configuration.

2-Way Text Payment Platform

With Text 2 Pay you can send payment links, accept card payments, and communicate 2-ways with your customers via text message.

Virtual Portal for Keying in Phone Orders

Safely and securely key in over-the-phone credit and debit card payments on a computer or mobile device.

Touch-Free Mobile or Countertop Terminals

Accept in-person transactions by allowing your customers to safely and securely tap their credit card, watch, or phone on a contactless terminal.

Email and Text Invoices

Send invoices to your customers requesting payment via email or text message.

How Can My Business Benefit From Using Contactless Payments?

Speed Up the Check-Out Process

With frictionless real-time payments, your business is no longer restricted by limited payment offerings allowing customers to pay in a way they find to be quickest.

A customer can simply use their mobile device to complete the transaction instead of spending extra seconds trying to locate their debit or credit card. In fact, while EMV contact transactions can take up to 30 seconds, a contactless card or mobile transaction can be completed in half the time or less. Over-the-phone, email, and Text 2 Pay solutions also allow customers to quickly call in or process online payments in the moment or at a time most convenient to them.

That means quicker foot traffic in and out of a store or office, which translates to more sales as you are able to immediately impact the number of payments you process per minute. In turn, this can translate to higher spend by customers and an overall increase in volume. All by adding a simple all-in-one payments solution that requires little to no added hardware.

Ensure Continued Payment Security

Whether you use a card-present solution like a terminal or a card-not-present solution like Text 2 Pay and email invoicing, Stax Pay is built with our state-of-the-art cloud architecture and modern tokenization services. This ensures customer information remains protected and secure.

For in-person contactless payments, built-in protection helps make sure that customers don’t accidentally double pay and reduces the potential for intercepted payments to be decrypted. That is because contactless payments use unique numbers for the linked card details that have no correlation to the card numbers.

In addition, as a Level 1 PCI Service Provider, our suite of payment processing solutions uses a host of security measures to prevent fraud and ensure PCI compliance across all of our products.

Streamline Payments Reporting

With previous methods, businesses have had to reconcile payments across multiple platforms. This often meant duplicated work, an increase in data inaccuracy, and frustrations from customers and employees alike when trying to access important information.

With our built-in, multi-channel payments report, payment data from across all Stax solutions can be accessed through a single, user-friendly dashboard. This makes it faster and easier for your business to understand how payments are being made, analyze customer trends, and ensure that information remains accurate across all payment types. No matter the scenario, with the right information you can confidently pivot and adapt in response to your customer’s needs.

Improve the Customer Experience

During a shopping and purchasing experience, customers want something quick, simple, and convenient. With an enhanced contactless payments experience, your business is able to invest and focus on what truly matters – your customers and your brand. New avenues for virtual options also allow you to collect payments without the limitations of a physical device or location, so you can truly maximize your customer reach and increase revenue opportunities.

With the ability it provides for businesses to stay open, even virtually, so that they can continue retaining and gaining customers, it’s no wonder that businesses have been looking for the quickest way to add contactless payments.

Where Can I Find More Information on How to Quickly Add Contactless Payments for My Business?

With Stax’ contactless payment solutions, you have the ability to quickly modernize your business overnight. Our easy onboarding and seamless activation make adding touch-free and online payments effortless.

Learn more about how Stax Pay can get you started with offering clean, contactless payments. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you leverage the all-in-one contactless payment processing solution you need, with the transparent pricing you deserve.

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