Stax Leads Pilot Of Google And Zapiers Ad Tech To Increase Sales Qualified Leads

How Stax acquired more Sales Qualified Leads using Zapier and Google Ad’s Offline Conversion Tracking

As a business, trying new ways to improve existing processes and testing innovative features is an important part of growth. The same holds true at Stax.

Formerly known as Fattmerchant, Stax was approached by Google and asked to beta test a Zapier-Google integration to feed offline conversion data from our CRM into Google Ad’s Offline Conversion Tracking tool.

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Stax has been previously identified by Google as a company on an incredible growth trajectory. Not only were we selected to be one of the first to test this feature, but we are also the first company worldwide to get it live.

Before using Zapier, the team spent several hours a week manually uploading offline conversion data from Excel spreadsheets.

“The Google-Zapier integration is such a time saver. We set up in minutes, and now my offline conversions get piped into Google Ads instantly.”

-Eric Simmons, Digital Marketing Manager at Stax

Now, we’re able to automatically import offline conversions and optimize campaigns in real-time.

This happens each time a marketing qualified lead (MQL) becomes a sales qualified lead (SQL), and when an SQL is moved to Closed-Won.

The use of this integration allows Stax to optimize budget spending and bid more effectively by focusing on clicks that are the most likely to find value in our Stax all-in-one Platform and become customers.

As a result, we’ve been able to save time, increase our conversion rates, and significantly reduce our cost per acquisition.

Fattmerchant Increases Sales Qualified Leads With Zapier Integration

Read Google’s full case study on how Stax increased SQL efficiency.

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