Stax Integrated Payment Platform

One of the biggest challenges, if you have multiple business locations, is tracking your sales and analytics. Disparate solutions can create blind spots if you can’t access your data all from one place.

Stax integrated payment platform gathers all of your data and funnels it into one merchant dashboard. You can dig into all your locations’ sales data to see if there are any gaps you need to address.

How to Take Advantage of Stax’ Multi-Store Reporting

You can track sales from different locations on the Stax platform using merchant analytics. Stax Company Overview Report will show you data from across all your solutions, while the Stax Dashboard will compile all of your locations’ data in one place. You can see sales, outstanding receivables, and deposits. This aggregated view organizes all your information, eliminating the need for reconciliation.

To access reporting, you can select the Company Overview Report form within the “Reports” tab and choose which store locations you’d like to include in the report. The system will then gather your data and present it to you in an easy-to-read dashboard. From there, you can track and manage everything from sales trends to deposit reports.

The Key Benefits of an Integrated Payment Platform

An integrated payment platform like Stax will simplify how you track your sales and profits. When your sales data is in one place, you can make decisions faster so you get hours back that you can reinvest into your stores.

Multi-store reporting also streamlines how you invoice customers across your different business locations. If you’re using separate tools for invoicing and analytics, your data may not line up. This means spending extra time and effort in reconciliation. But an integrated payment platform can provide you with data from across all your locations and solutions.

This is especially great if you charge monthly memberships or offer package deals. Since you can see outstanding receivables, you can better anticipate your cash flow. You have a clear view of how all your business locations are doing.

Multi-store reporting and merchant analytics will streamline your processes or completely eliminate manual number-crunching. This integrated approach to payments provides not only data but the context behind it. You can pinpoint which of your stores you should focus on without needing countless solutions and accounts to do it.

The Stax platform doesn’t just help clarify your data—it helps you drive further growth for your business.

At Stax, we offer an array of payment processing solutions that help you take your expanding business to the next level.

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