Stax Vs Swipesimple

It doesn’t matter what type or size of business you operate, your payment processing solution is always important. Done right, your business is equipped with the tools needed to succeed and processes transactions for the right price. Done wrong, your business pays too much for payment processing and has unsuitable or low-quality equipment. You have many options, and at Stax, we’re committed to sharing helpful comparison information so you can choose the best partner for your business. In this article, we’ll discuss how Stax compares to SwipeSimple.


  • SwipeSimple and Stax are payment processors specializing in small businesses.
  • SwipeSimple does not publicize its pricing, so you’ll need to reach out for a quote. Stax operates with transparent, subscription pricing and a 0% interchange markup.
  • SwipeSimple has a limited offering of POS terminals focused on retail and food service industries. Stax has a wider variety of POS devices and is scalable for larger businesses in many industries.

The Basics of Stax Payment Processing

Founded in 2014 and based in Florida, Stax is a subscription-based, full-service payment processing partner. One of our differentiators is that we’re the only all-in-one platform that offers financial analytics, payment processing, invoicing, inventory management, and more. Stax has a variety of point-of-sale equipment suitable for many sizes and types of businesses.

We also offer API integrations to over 100 leading business software solutions. Plus, we can process recurring transactions and manage invoicing. Our 24/7 customer support and helpful knowledge base also mean our customers get the support they need, when and how they need it.

SwipeSimple Payment Processing Company Overview

SwipeSimple was released to the Android, Google Play, and Apple app stores in 2014 and is owned by CardFlight, a larger SaaS payment technology company.

SwipeSimple is a specialized payment processor focusing on small businesses, specifically in retail and food service. SwipeSimple offers a few mobile POS devices, a stationary register option, a virtual terminal, and some basic functionality for invoicing and reporting.

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Stax and SwipeSimple Comparison

Stax and SwipeSimple Pricing

SwipeSimple is sold through resellers, making pricing difficult to track down and costs are not transparent. More than 20 SwipeSimple partners are listed on their website, but pricing is not available—meaning you’ll need to get a quote from a reseller for more details.

At Stax, our subscription-based pricing can save businesses up to 40% in payment processing and starts at just $99 per month. We do not markup interchange fees and can accept any payment type, including ACH payments

What are Stax and SwipeSimple register options?

Because Stax serves a wide variety of businesses, we offer various card readers including mobile and stationary payment terminals. Stax equipment offerings for registers include the Clover Station Solo and Duo for options including a cash drawer. These also work well for retail or food service industries and can operate on WiFi or LTE.

The SwipeSimple Register 8 operates with the SwipeSimple mobile app and can work with Android and iOS devices. This device has a touchscreen and PIN pad and can accept contactless payments and EMV chip cards for debit and credit card transactions. This register is a basic option and appears well-suited for retail and food service as that is SwipeSimple’s specialty.

SwipeSimple terminals: PAX mobile payment devices

The SwipeSimple card reader options make a short list and include the PAX A920, PAX A920 Pro, and the PAX A80. These are comparable to many other mobile POS systems and accept chip card payments and contactless payments.

The PAX A920 and A290 Pro mobile terminals operate on cellular data and WiFi and have a battery life of around 10 hours. The PAX A80 has a smaller touchscreen than the others but includes a keypad and can plug into the wall, making this a solid backup if you’re worried about battery life.

Stax point-of-sale devices: A variety of payment solutions

Stax has several mobile payment terminals and delivers additional functionality not available with SwipeSimple, including accepting magnetic stripe swiped cards for debit and credit card payments. Our mobile devices also accept contactless payments, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay and NFC-enabled debit and credit cards. 

With Stax, businesses choose from best-in-class equipment including the Clover Flex, Clover Mini, and several Dejavoo POS terminals. Some Dejavoo payment terminals can operate on Bluetooth and WiFi, 4G or LTE. Most Clover devices typically operate on WiFi, LTE, and some also include ethernet connections if needed. Stax also goes beyond the basics of card readers and can support eCommerce, text-to-pay, ACH transfers, and more.

At Stax, we also know these payment terminals undergo a lot of wear and tear. Because of this, we offer a protection plan that includes unlimited swaps for defects, accidents, and wear and tear.

SwipeSimple and Stax comparison for small businesses

While SwipeSimple specializes in simplifying payments for small businesses and works well in food service and retail, their offerings are rather limited and do not appear to include integrations with other applications. However, SwipeSimple offers the basics for small businesses, including invoicing, payment links for online purchases, the SwipeSimple dashboard, and a virtual terminal to accept phone payments. 

Stax is an ideal solution for small businesses, delivering a simplified way to manage payments, invoicing, inventory, analytics, and more. Further, we also connect with the most popular apps, such as QuickBooks, Hubspot, Microsoft Teams, and many more APIs. Not only can Stax support your small business now, but we can also scale to meet your future needs. On top of that, we can serve any kind of small business and are not limited to certain industries.

User Review for SwipeSimple and Stax

According to NerdWallet, SwipeSimple’s drawbacks include opaque pricing, limitations to mobile app functionality, and lack of customer service. Because SwipeSimple is sold through resellers, they do not provide customer service directly to merchants, meaning you’re at the mercy of resellers for help. On the positive side, the demo mode for SwipeSimple allows you to try out the product on iOS and Android without providing business information. SwipeSimple is also sold through merchant service providers, meaning you can shop for options in one place once you find the right MSP.

For Stax, our strongest customer reviews speak to our helpful customer support and transparent pricing with the subscription-based pricing model. Some of our less-than-satisfied customers have had issues with implementation or interface, but many reviews also mention these problems were easily resolved.

Conclusions and Recommendations

If you operate a small business in the food service or retail space, SwipeSimple may be an option worth considering—if the price is right. Unfortunately, due to their opaque pricing, you’ll need to research. 

At Stax, not only do we also work well with small businesses, including food service and retail, but we can also scale and serve many other industries. Our payment solutions and equipment offerings are far more extensive and our 24/7 customer support means we can help you when and how you need it.

The choice is clear to us, and we’d love to hear from you! Reach out today to learn how Stax can support your business with cost-efficient payment processing and award-winning customer support.

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FAQs About SwipeSimple

Q: What are the primary differences between Stax and SwipeSimple?

Stax offers transparent pricing, a wider range of POS devices, and extensive integration capabilities with over 100 software solutions. SwipeSimple focuses on retail and food service industries but has limited offerings and lacks transparent pricing.

Q: Which platform is more user-friendly for small businesses?

Both platforms cater to small businesses, but Stax provides a more comprehensive solution with features like financial analytics, payment processing, invoicing, inventory management, and more. Stax’s user-friendly interface and customer support contribute to its ease of use.

Q: How does the customer support compare between Stax and SwipeSimple?

Stax offers 24/7 customer support, ensuring that customers receive assistance whenever they need it. On the other hand, SwipeSimple relies on resellers for customer service, which may result in varying levels of support.

Q: Are there any hidden fees with Stax or SwipeSimple?

Stax operates with transparent, subscription-based pricing and does not markup interchange fees. However, SwipeSimple’s pricing is not publicly available, and obtaining a quote from a reseller is necessary, potentially leaving room for hidden fees.

Q: How secure are transactions through Stax and SwipeSimple?

Both Stax and SwipeSimple prioritize transaction security. While specific security measures may vary, they comply with industry standards and offer secure payment processing.