Shelterluv Switch From Stripe To Stax Connect

The easy-to-use, modern shelter software you’ve been looking for. Spend less time in front of the computer and more time with animals and people. That’s what you see (in big, bold font) when you land on the Shelterluv homepage. The other thing you see in the top banner on the website?

Shelterluv Stax Connect
Donations Raised Through Shelterpay: $15+ million (as of January 12, 2023).

That number represents the total value of donations raised through Shelterpay—Shelterluv’s fully integrated payment platform, powered by Stax, that makes it possible to use its mobile checkout and other key features.

This is the story of how a shelter SaaS company switched from Stripe to Stax, rapidly accelerating client onboarding and enrollment to their integration with Stax (50% in 2 weeks!) while helping animal shelters do what they do best—find new homes for their pets and raise money in donations.

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How the Shelterluv-Stax relationship began

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Shelterluv builds software that allows animal shelters and rescues to “manage every aspect of the rehoming process, from intakes to adoptions to community programs.” They pride themselves on ensuring this process is easy so shelters can “get out from behind the computer” and “spend more time with animals and people.”

Shelterluv aims to maximize the impact that it has in the non-profit world.

Its customers (merchants) are non-profit brick-and-mortar animal shelters and foster-based rescues, that care deeply about the work they do. They work in one of the most extreme industries imaginable—with front-line workers tasked to serve animals and people during their most difficult moments, to joy when an animal finds a new home.

These drastic swings of empathy to elation can happen all in one day, all while understaffed and underfunded.

Shelterluv was looking for a payment processing partner who cared as deeply about its mission (and that of its customers) as they do.

Shelterluv Stripe Connect Switching To Stax Connect

When it came to payments, Stripe helped get its payment processing, Shelterpay, up and running to streamline adoptions and capture more donations.

However, the integration did not meet their expectations, and Shelterluv decided to begin looking for a new solution.

They say timing is everything.

This could not be more true when it comes to the Shelterluv-Stax relationship.

Nothing fancy. No great backstory. Just great timing. Our sales rep, Paul Saad, reached out to Brandon Jones, Head of Engineering, on the Shelterluv development team, and from there, a true partnership began to form.


Seamless, Simple, and Comprehensive

After the in-depth interview and demo process with Stax Connect’s platform and team, Shelterluv began powering Shelterpay with Stax Connect’s white-labeled API.

As the all-customer email stated, “Once you complete Stax’s enrollment process, the transition to Stax will be seamless and automatic. The change will happen in the background, and you will be able to process transactions like normal without disruption.”

And added a link to learn more about the Shelterluv + Stax partnership.

Stax worked with Shelterluv to migrate their existing merchants through tokenization—one that their customers would not even notice from their end. The new integrated payments system was built to be as simple as completing a 5-10 minute application for customers switching processors. And they were off!

Right out of the gates, Shelterluv announced the switch by adding information to its help center that describes what the (new) Shelterpay was all about.

“Simpler, more comprehensive reporting + a dedicated contact”Shelterpay Features Powered By Stax

“The [Stax] reporting will be simpler and more comprehensive. We also have a dedicated contact to resolve any issues that happen to arise.”

Shelterluv set a goal of onboarding 1,000 customers to the new Shelterpay system (powered by Stax) by the end of 2022.

Within the first two weeks of launching, they were 50% of the way toward that goal.

In 2 weeks.

“I speak for everyone here at Shelterluv in sharing my deep appreciation for how responsive and collaborative the Stax team has been.” – Elena Battles, Director of Customer Experience


“We found what we were looking for”

When it was clear Shelterluv needed to make a payment process change, Elena Battles, Director of Customer Experience, was seeking a “true partner who would work together with us to meet the needs of our unique client base.”

“We found what we were looking for with Stax,” Elena shared. “Shelterluv provides the deep understanding and support of our customers; Stax provides the payments expertise. We’re grateful for the chance to make the work of our shelter and rescue customers a little easier every day—Stax plays a critical part in that seamless process.”

Shelterpay Success With Stax Connect

The feelings are mutual.

Thanks to the team at Shelterluv for being a champion—sharing its payment processing journey with its own customers and advocating for Stax Connect.

Shelterluv And Stax Connect Partnership

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