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As contactless becomes the new normal, restaurants are having to change their day-to-day operations to quickly accommodate a touch-free world. Customer expectations are higher than ever, yet many consumers remain hesitant to dine in at their favorite restaurants. Help them adjust to new social distancing guidelines and make your customers feel comfortable and safe by providing services with as little contact as possible.

Whether dine-in or takeout, here are 5 ways to easily transform your restaurant into the ultimate contactless experience.

Digital Reservations and Check-in

Gone are the days of walking up to the hostess stand, giving your name, and waiting in a crowd of people to be seated. Instead, take reservations digitally and allow customers to add their names to the list by using their smartphones. A virtual waitlist can help organize reservations while also giving you the ability to send a mobile alert to the customer when their table is ready. Finding the right restaurant technology can make the reservation and seating process easier for you and safer for your guests.

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Contactless Restaurant Menu

We can do almost anything through our smartphones these days. Scanning a restaurant menu is no different. By utilizing technology like QR Codes, the customer can use their smartphone to view your menu and even place their order with zero contact. By transforming your menu into a digital experience, you are providing a safe and interactive way to keep your customers engaged and provide a seamless customer experience. Plus, digital menus make for a quick and easy update when a menu needs to be changed.

Contactless Payments

Now is the time to take your payments digitally and optimize your business with contactless payment solutions powered by Stax. By offering payment solutions that can be made via texts or with touch-free devices, your customers can now pay for their meal in a safe, convenient, and efficient manner. Once an order is confirmed, you can send a payment link to your customer’s smartphone where they can pay their check and tip their server. In addition to being safe for all parties involved, contactless payments are very convenient.

Digital Comment Cards and Reviews

Doesn’t it feel good when a customer leaves positive feedback on the comment cards you provide on the tables? It’s helpful when a customer has feedback you can learn from to improve your service and provide a better experience during their next visit. Instead of having the customer fill out a card try encouraging them to leave a customer review on your Yelp page or Facebook. You can even link a QR code to immediately bring up your review page when a customer scans it. This also helps avoid your servers needing to pick up physical cards and handing them off to another team member to file away somewhere.

Contactless Curbside Pickup

For those who prefer to eat at home, increase guest convenience, and ease concerns by offering a contactless curbside pickup. By providing a seamless online and in-app ordering process, the customer can place their order, pay, and let you know they have arrived all through their smartphones. Give your restaurant an organized pickup area to eliminate confusion, improve operations, and streamline communications with your customers.

Incorporating more contactless solutions through your restaurant operation can help you create a safer environment for your guests all while increasing efficiency. Best of all, through the partnership between Stax and Dining Alliance, it is easy to find the right contactless solutions for your restaurant.

Dining Alliance is the largest Group Purchasing Organization for independent restaurants in the United States. Through our Dining Alliance platform, operators can access the contactless solutions they need at competitive rates. Restaurant operators can also find additional savings opportunities on the items they use every day. Now more than ever, streamlining operations and finding cost-saving solutions is key. With Dining Alliance, it’s easy to become a member for free and start saving time and money without changing day-to-day operations. Become a member today!

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