Evo Payments Vs. Stax Services

No matter the size of your business, it’s essential to integrate the right payment acceptance solution into your business.

You must select your payment processing service provider after doing thorough research, even after engaging with a registered ISO service that you already trust. This due diligence by you and the registered ISO ensures that both parties fully understand which payment acceptance services and options the business can use without getting caught off guard with hidden charges or policies.

It’s just as essential to learn the differences in greater detail before making a decision to become an EVO merchant. This allows you to choose a payment acceptance provider that fulfills your every need, to ensure you don’t regret your choice or switch companies in the middle of your operations.

With this in mind, here’s an overview of payment processing services offered by both companies along with their key differentiating factors (hint… it will impact your wallet). Keep reading to find out more about how Stax compares to Evo Payments.

What is EVO Payments?

Founded in 1989, EVO Payments is a popular payment processor that offers its solutions across different divisions. The firm is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and delivers its services in more than 50 territories around the world. But it also has a key presence in Broadhollow Road Melville NY.

Through its focus on payment processing services and digital payments, EVO Payments has carved a distinct reputation in the financial sector. EVO payments merchant clients are also able to leverage some of their additional features like snapcheck, a common merchant value add.

Much like other merchants, EVO Payments International (a division of EVO Payments) helps businesses quickly accept and process payments from around the world. EVO’s primary target client is an SMB (small to medium-size business owner).

Some noted features of EVO Payments:

  • Point of Sale (POS) Services
  • Online Payment Services
  • Mobile Payment Services

With that, EVO Payments delivers these solutions at a more elevated price point than other merchant services providers such as Stax. This makes its payment acceptance service more difficult to access for smaller stores and even larger businesses to maintain a tight budget through their operations.

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How Does EVO Payments Hold Up Against Stax?

In-Store POS Equipment Services

The very fundamentals of payment acceptance in merchant services start with in-store POS equipment and related credit card processing solutions. That is why it’s no surprise to see that EVO Payments International also offers these services.

With EVO Payments, you can choose between different in-store POS equipment that ranges from traditional terminals to more modern devices. The company allows like you to take debit cards and credit card payments by major issues without any problems through its payment processing solutions. They also offer a standard option of chipped debit & credit cards.

Now, the overall pricing for these solutions is provided upon request. The equipment charges depend on the type of services you need. In contrast, the processing charges are based on a per-transaction basis. Depending upon the services that merchants like you are using, you may also need to pay for a monthly subscription. While the pricing varies on your needs, it almost always runs towards the higher end of market standards.

In comparison, Stax also offers all of these services, security, and safety standards. Plus Stax goes a step further with a transparent and affordable price point. There’s no waiting or guessing when it comes to seeking answers for their merchant solutions. The charges are easy to understand and can be a great boon to your budget and business operation. This ensures that even new startups or budding stores can have access to modern payment solutions and software.

Wireless and Mobile Payment Equipment and Services

Not every business runs via a brick-and-mortar store. Remember that many companies do often deliver their services in other settings as well. This calls for wireless POS equipment solutions that let you accept debit cards and credit card payments without being tied to a physical location.

Consider today’s small business world. With so many people ordering or opting for curbside pickup or delivery, payment devices that can be used without being limited to premises. Both companies offer the ability to access your POS anytime, anywhere. These wireless solutions can be self-powered in the form of standalone equipment. But they can also attach to your smartphone or tablet to become functional. Whatever the model might be, they deliver exceptional security and services without putting your business at risk. These POS services let merchants like you launch your business more easily, while also allowing you to scale with ideal flexibility.

Now let’s explore what makes these two merchant solutions different. Similar to its traditional POS equipment and solutions, EVO Payment wireless POS services also follow a variable price point. The charges to obtain and connect the equipment depend upon your choice of device. Whereas, the price to process each transaction may also vary. A monthly subscription fee can also come into play in addition to other costs.

Conversely, Stax’ wireless mobile POS solutions come at a more flexible and affordable pricing structure. As a result, you can benefit from next-generation solutions without paying a small fortune for them.

This makes sure that you can build and expand your payment infrastructure without the restrictions of extensive charges. Simultaneously, Stax’ solutions don’t make any sacrifices on technology, security, or availability, which makes them ideal in every sense of the word.

Online Payment Gateway

In these times, one of the most essential features for a business is taking payments remotely. This, of course, applies to eCommerce stores. But it also holds true for companies with a hybrid business model or offering their services virtually.

By making your payments online, you can add another level of convenience to the customer experience offered by your business. Integrating a shopping cart into your website allows your customers to make their payments through standard methods. This not only gives your customers more flexibility but also takes the burden of manual processes off of your staff’s shoulders.

With EVO Payments’ online payment facilities, customers can process their transactions after an online shopping session for consumer goods or placing an order for your digital services. They can also go for secure recurring payments if they are applying for a subscription of any kind. This adds another level of automation and improves your overall cash flow.

However, EVO Payments International offers this integration at premium prices. This often makes you choose between optimal profits and maximum security, which puts your business in a tight spot. The charges for each transaction may once again vary upon the overall selection of your payment processing services. But they often run higher than average market prices.

Stax understands the last thing someone wants to do is pay high premiums. That is why they believe in offering an affordable price point with the same bells and whistles. The processing charges still depend upon per transaction, but they are often lower than what EVO Payments International brings to the table. At the same time, these services will be there for you without compromising their overall speed or delivery. This ensures that you can set up your online payments without having to think twice about it.

Virtual Payment Gateway

If you want to process your payments in situations where the card is not present, you can also take customers’ payment card information and enter it into a virtual terminal. This terminal works like an online shopping cart. But instead of the customer processing the payment themselves, the process is executed by you or a designated staff member.

Virtual payments are quite helpful in cases where you don’t have a shopping cart on your website or if your customer is unable to process their payments online. In these cases, you can accept remote payments through this virtual terminal. A prime example of these card-not-present (CNP) transactions are payments that are processed over the phone.

When you enter your customers’ debit card or credit card payment into the virtual payment gateway, it goes through a secure network. You can also subscribe your customer to recurring payments with their knowledge in order to automate future payments. These CNP payments also follow data security standards and reduce the risk of any breach of information.

EVO Payments International allows you to set up a virtual payment gateway that can be accessed easily yet securely. The interface itself is intuitive and straightforward. This ensures that you are able to take your customers’ payments at a moment’s notice, without having to get into any unnecessary technicalities.

But as with any of the other EVO Payments services, these solutions come at a higher cost. This means that if you want to take these remote payments yourself, you may need to pay setup charges, transaction charges, and any applicable subscription fee. The overall price depends on your usage of certain EVO payment processing services. But it almost always means an increased price point.

Comparatively, Stax lets you utilize the same functionality and delivers services without stripping away anything from the essentials. Usability and security will still be present without any issues. The virtual payment gateway solutions remain essentially the same as what EVO Payments International offers to its customers. However, the commitment towards affordable prices ensures that the cost doesn’t run past a certain point.

Bottom Line, Stax Offers the Same Level of Payment Processing Services At Lower Prices Than EVO Payments

When judging both payment services providers side by side, one thing becomes clear as day: EVO Payments International delivers exceptional solutions at premium charges, while Stax offers the same services at more affordable price points.

EVO Payments often come with higher charges due to a variety of factors. This distinction is clear to almost everyone. However, non-cost conscious companies still go with EVO Payments just for the sake of the brand name itself.

With that, those firms that want to make a smart decision about their budget often choose Stax. Since there is virtually no difference between the level of function or security between Stax and EVO Payments, this translates into the same solutions at more accessible prices.

This leaves the decision in your court. If you want to pay elevated prices for payment processing services, you can undoubtedly choose EVO Payments International. But if you need more accessible solutions, Stax is the way to go.

The Stax Distinction

What can you expect from Stax?

You can expect simplicity, security, and transparency in your payment processing needs. These three core ideals are present in every aspect of the Stax payment processing solution.

Here’s how simplicity, security, and transparency make a difference in the lives of businesses today.


Stax realizes that you live to work on your business and provide phenomenal experiences for your customers. Stax offers a streamlined solution enabling you to pay a simple monthly subscription cost while receiving direct interchange and transaction costs.

Companies appreciate that there’s no confusion with the Stax subscription pricing plan. You know that you will pay a specific flat rate for payment processing and some variable costs for the volume of payments present within your business.

Further, businesses will not have to worry about unanticipated expenses or phantom costs that surprise and can disrupt cash flows. The simplicity also carries over the life of the relationship. Businesses don’t have to worry about contracts or hidden contract costs. There are no strict annual contracts, just a monthly subscription plan. That means that you can switch to another provider without any hassles or problems.

These negated surface-level switching costs can add peace of mind for you and your business, enabling you to make a decision to sign up with Stax and enjoy its experience. If you decide to go to another provider, that’s quite simple to do as well.

Simplicity is present in other aspects of the Stax relationship. Companies can understand what is going on within the business and where sales are coming from. Further, you can dive into the data and see how sales tie into your critical decision-making process.

As you take note of your sales, costs, and other important aspects related to you through the Stax Platform, you can make decisions that matter and improve your business.

Take advantage of the simplicity present in managing your entire payment experience in one platform.


It is hard to ignore the necessity of security within your business. That is why you must make sure to go with PCI compliance-oriented providers to adhere to conventional security standards.


Stax representatives are eager to chat and answer any questions you might have. You can always expect to get in touch with a real live representative who will always be pleased to answer easy or tough questions. Remember to expect to get full transparency from any interaction with Stax.

You can expect transparency in our pricing structure, communication with you, and everything we do.

Stax’ Compelling Features:

  • Subscription-style Pricing
  • Nonexistent markups
  • All-in-One Platform for Insights and Relevant Data
  • Live Personable Customer Service
  • Various Software and Quickbooks Integration
  • PCI Compliance Help
  • Mobile Processing
  • Quick Funding
  • POS Integration

Gain access to everything you need with Stax and its solutions. You can run your business efficiently and without hassle with our various solutions. Reach out to us today to learn more about Stax payment processing and what we have to offer for your business.

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