Should SaaS Companies Outsource Integrated Payments Support?

As a SaaS business owner, you are always looking for ways to improve your software and boost your bottom line. One core area of focus is customer support, which adds immense value to every business when done correctly. When adding payment features for software users, the importance of including customer support for payment processing is no different.

There is a constant debate regarding the cost benefits and challenges of outsourcing customer support when looking into adding integrated payment features for your software users. On one hand, your users pay a premium for your software and they deserve the best in house support possible. However, in many cases SaaS companies don’t have the time and resources to allocate towards providing additional support for new features, and it could be suffering.

Here are some factors to examine when making a decision on outsourcing integrated payments support.

Why Integrated Payments Support Is an Important Feature

When choosing an integrated payments provider, Saas companies need not only the ability to enable a robust set of payment features, but have the option for users to have payments support. This adds greater software value to the user, as payments can be very complex for businesses unfamiliar with how payment processing works.

According to a Salesforce research survey, 84% of customers would rather be treated like a person than a number, and 59% want customer service representatives to engage with them based on their past interactions. Clearly, you can increase customer loyalty and retain valuable business users with the added support.

Your integrated payments provider could offer features like around-the-clock integrated payments support, which would ensure that businesses receive support whenever they need it. With the SaaS industry becoming increasingly global, software users are working at different times and need support on their own schedules.

An outsourced team could also assist business users for their unique payment issues or questions about security and compliance. For example, who would they reach out to for help if their customer’s payment keeps timing out? A customer could become frustrated with the business and in turn the business may not want to utilize the software anymore.

The right integrated payments support team could resolve these issues quickly and help you keep your software users, and their customers, happy at all times.

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The Pros of Outsourcing Payments Support

An obvious pro of outsourcing support is the cost savings. Hiring in-house customer support reps and training them can be quite costly. SaaS companies would need to learn everything there is to know about payments processing, which could at the very least take several months, or maybe even years. Plus, it takes a lot of time to build the right team, hire individuals with the right experience, and get them trained up to deliver the best payments support experience possible.

Payments are the backbones of businesses. You not only have to satisfy customer expectations, but you also have to ensure that your payments processing goes as smoothly as possible. By tapping into a team of payment and industry experts, you’re able to provide valuable support in a shorter period of time. That means less time troubleshooting with business users and more time on retention and growth.

The ability to have 24/7 support for payments is a huge advantage as well. Customers don’t expect anything less than instant support these days and your team may not have the time and resources to offer that level of service as quickly as they need it. It’s much easier when a payments provider can be there for your customers whenever they need help.

Outsourcing your payments support will also give you the ability to focus on other business priorities. If you are constantly fielding customer support requests, you run the risk of not having the time or energy to focus on your everyday operations.

The Cons of Outsourcing Payments Support

You and your team are intimately familiar with your software, while an integrated payments provider is not. They need to be willing to learn your company’s language and all of your software’s features prior to signing on. This is something not every integrated payments provider may do.

With an integrated payments provider in charge, there is also a risk when you do not have full or even partial control of the user experience. There could also be challenges integrating third party payments support within your existing software infrastructure. That means less consistency in how support is handled.

Additionally, integrated payments providers are handling other companies’ customer support needs. They may not be available to answer questions all of the time, and you will have to exercise some patience as they learn the rhythm of your company and figure out exactly what you, and your users, need from them.

Questions to Ask About Support for Integrated Payments

Before outsourcing your customer support, ask your integrated payments provider these questions to determine if you’re making the right decision:

  • What methods of payment support do you offer? Phone, email, chat, etc.?
  • Have you worked with other SaaS companies? If so, which ones?
  • What are your customer ratings?
  • How big is your team?
  • How quickly can you begin providing support to our software users?
  • Will you provide 24/7 support to customers?
  • Do you provide 24/7 support to my company in case we have any issues?
  • How much do your payments support services cost?
  • Do you require us to sign a contract? If so, how long is the contract?

Seek out a payments provider that has worked with other SaaS companies and is willing to take the extra time and energy to learn all about your software company. They should be willing to dedicate themselves 100% to providing the best customer support because if they do, it will reflect well on your business.

How Stax Approaches Customer Services for SaaS Companies

Stax, an integrated payments partner, offers top-of-the-line customer support to SaaS companies. With an NPS score 80+ points higher than the industry average, the in-house business success team at Stax is available 24/7. They will ensure both you and your software users have the best experience possible.

For more information, you can get in touch with Stax today.