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Fueling Payments-Led Growth for SaaS

Have you considered how payments can fuel your SaaS platform’s growth? Welcome to Payments-Led Growth. We’re here to help you launch.


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Problem: We’re Facing the SaaS.O.S.

SaaS companies exploded in the investor market in the 2010s, soaring to triple-digit valuations. The recent upending of macroeconomic conditions have impacted investor sentiment, and the drawdown hit SaaS companies hard. This is uncharted territory for many SaaS executives, and they must now consider long-term decisions to weather through their first industry-wide recession according to Forbes.

In today’s macroeconomic climate, it’s more important than ever for SaaS platforms to create lifetime value in their product, retain customers, expand their product features, enhance the user experience, and acquire new customers. All of these factors go hand-in-hand to increase SaaS platform growth year over year. But there’s another way: Enter Payments-Led Growth.

saas platform growth with integrated payments

Fuel Your SaaS Platform With Payments-Led Growth

Vertical SaaS companies partnering with Stax Connect combine the monetization power of payments with the control and security of their own infrastructure. Fuel your SaaS platform by enabling payments for your users in as little as 30 days. Custom revenue-share opportunities allow each partner to monetize transactions instantly, growing enterprise value.

payments led growth vs saas growth

All Software Companies Are Payment Companies. They Just Don’t Know It Yet.

The SaaS economy is facing a slowdown, and it’s become justifiably more difficult to grow in a saturated industry. Traditionally, SaaS platforms rely on a subscription model and monthly SaaS fee to grow revenue. Instead of relying on only subscriptions, Stax built a robust, simplified, and frictionless Payments-Led Growth platform to help vertical SaaS companies scale revenue through integrated payments.

Payments-Led Growth creates company-wide alignment across revenue teams—from product to sales and marketing—around payments—a significant, sustainable, and scalable business growth source.

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Payments Expertise

  • Personal Collaboration and Education
  • ROI Modeling
  • Managed Underwriting and Rapid Approval
  • Streamlined Risk Management


Flexible Technology

  • Custom Integration and Enrollment Options
  • One API For Everything
  • White-Label Functionality
  • Adaptable Revenue Opportunities


Adoption Expertise

  • Dedicated Partner Success Team
  • Token Migrations
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Advanced Reporting and Dashboards

Before Payments-Led Growth

Limited Customer Experience

Without payments, your customers will use a third party for payment processing, or worse, jump ship to a platform that caters to all of their needs.

Limited Revenue Growth

You're missing out on an additional pillar of revenue by not monetizing payments with generous revenue-sharing programs.

Limited Valuation

Investors look for promising revenue growth and customer acquisition to determine if your platform is worth investing in. Payments can be an easy win in their eyes.

Limited Data

Without payments, you have no insight on your customers' processing volume, or their sub-merchants transactions. Using that data can be key in informing your market.

After Payments-Led Growth

Better Customer Experience

Having an all-in-one solution where customers can process payments, view transactions, and manage revenue means they won’t need to jump ship in the era of SaaS.O.S.

Unlock A New Stream of Revenue

Rather than relying solely on a subscription, you’ll see huge growth in revenue by giving your customers the power to take payments on your platform.

Increase Valuation

Doubling revenue with sticker features bundles into one conclusion: Increased valuation and more investors interested in your product.

Access to Useful Data

When your customers process payments elsewhere, you are in the dark about their true revenue potential, as well as other insightful data in your market. By owning payments, you can track key metrics and collect data on your customers’ processing volume, transaction fees, and more.

See 141% ROI With Integrated Payments

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to find the impacts and ROI of Stax Connect under the Payments-Led Growth framework. Learn how vertical SaaS platforms can expedite growth and create an additional stream of revenue, estimated at $900K according to the Total Economic Impact of Stax Connect study.

stax connect tei study forrester

Our Competitors Vs. Stax Connect

Integrating payments is more than a lift on technology and resources.
Join the Payments-Led Growth revolution and experience true partnership that you can’t find anywhere else.
Your success is our success.

    Without Stax Connect

    • Limited or no revenue share model on payment processing
    • Little to no customer support, making it difficult to solve problems
    • Frustrating user experience for customers that need payments capabilities and need a third-party integration

    With Stax Connect

    • Generous revenue share model that provides a new pillar of revenue for your business
    • White-glove customer support so you can spend less time on hold or talking to a robot for help
    • A stickier platform for your users to run their entire business in one place

Your SaaS Platform Is Unique, But We’ve Helped ISVs Just Like You Before

Our Stax Connect partners fully leverage our white-labeled software technology to onboard merchants and control the user experience. All while monetizing payments and transforming their platform’s infrastructure capabilities.

“The people at Stax are the reason that Stax was the number one choice for us.”

– BigTime Senior Vice President, Jami Klotz

SaaS Verticals We Serve

  • Field Service Management

  • Healthcare

  • Non-Profit

  • Professional Services

  • Education

  • Pet Wellness

  • eCommerce

  • Wellness

Fuel Your SaaS Platform With Payments-Led Growth

Our experts are ready to help you launch into Payments-Led Growth. Ready to board?