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The easy-to-use payment platform makes accepting patient payments simpler than ever before.

As a successful healthcare provider, you’ve owned and operated a number of locations for your healthcare business.

In the past, you’ve used different healthcare payment solutions to handle payments. If you’ve been around for a number of years, you may have started with an old-school cash register and payment terminal. Over time, you’ve had to adjust to fit your patients’ needs as well as ensure that you’re keeping your own finances in order by adding in other types of payment tools and platforms.

Now that you’re set to expand your healthcare business again, you’re looking for something better. You want to emphasize simplicity and convenience for your patients and your business alike.

Here are some of the common issues that healthcare entrepreneurs have when it comes to payments, as well as why the Stax All-in-One Payment Platform fits your growing business’ needs.

Too Many Payment Tools

Let’s say you use a payment terminal to accept credit card payments, a cash register to store cash payments, a website for online payments, and an iPad/app for mobile payments. Collecting and adding up all those receipts just for one location takes a lot of time and energy. When you have multiple locations, accounting gets incredibly complicated. Plus, there is room for human error. What if your accountant accidentally forgets to add in the payments for one of these platforms? Your books could be off for the entire quarter or even year. Streamlining payments by using an all-in-one platform makes your accountant’s job easier and saves you time and money.

For example, the Stax Autosend feature within the QuickBooks Online Pro Sync will allow you to create your invoices inside of QuickBooks Online. Once saved, Stax will automatically send your customer the invoice to be paid. Then, when they pay, the invoice in QuickBooks Online will update to reflect the payment.

Reconciling transactions and deposits daily, or as often as you accept payments in a given week or month, is also simple with Stax. The Stax Platform shows a quick overview of your deposits in the last seven days. You can click on a specific day, see the payments list, and view every transaction included in the deposit.

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Difficulty Scaling Up

Investing in a number of different payment platforms can be expensive. A new payment terminal could cost you hundreds of dollars. If you’re using it day in and day out, it’s prone to wear and tear and, at the most inconvenient moment, breaking down. It could be difficult for you to open new offices because you need to raise more capital for payment processing. If you give customers options such as online or mobile payments, however, you won’t need to use your physical payment tools as much, meaning they will last much longer.

In case one of your tools breaks down, or you have a sudden influx of patients you need to get in and out of the office quickly, you must have backup options. Fortunately, Stax offers you the ability to accept a wide variety of payments including mobile, online, and over the phone, so you’ll never be in a bind.

Only Allowing Customers to Pay in Person

In an increasingly contactless world, your customers don’t want to come into the office and hand over cash, a check, or a credit card to pay their healthcare bills. Instead, they want to pay online via a secure link, call you up and give you their credit card number, or pay via text message. An all-in-one platform will give them the option to pay at their own convenience in the safest way possible.

Manually Sending Invoices

Manually sending customers invoices can be a big hassle for businesses with an ever-increasing number of patients. What may have worked for a practice of 50 patients is no longer practical for multiple locations and double, if not triple, the number of individuals looking for healthcare services. Not only would the amount of time needed to manually prepare, print, and mail the invoices increase, so does the room for human error. Your accountant could easily forget to send it or send it at the wrong time. If you’re using paper invoices, you’re wasting resources as well as space in your office.

An all-in-one platform gives you the ability to automatically send invoices at the right time and will track your invoices to make sure that you’re actually getting paid. You can also reduce the amount of time it takes to get paid. If you send an invoice via snail mail, it could take months for you to receive a payment. But with Stax, you could be paid instantaneously.

Slow Credit Card Processing

If you’ve had a payment terminal for several years, you have noticed that it’s slowed down. Sometimes, you have people lined up and waiting to pay, but the processing is taking so long that it’s holding them up. By upgrading to a better platform, you can get patients in and out of the door as quickly as possible and guarantee they have a good experience with your business.

Bringing Your Healthcare Office Up to Date

While expanding your healthcare business is an amazing opportunity, you want to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible. To do this, you can invest in an all-in-one platform that will collect, store, and track all of your payment types. With this platform, you can accept numerous forms of payment like credit cards, mobile payments, payments over the phone, and more, as well as store them all in one place. Instead of being disjointed, your payments will be streamlined and you will have a much better handle on your finances. Your customers will be happier that payment is so simple and that you’re willing to offer flexible payment options.

Not to mention, you’ll improve patient experiences thanks to the all-in-one platform’s analytics, which will help you know and understand your patients’ needs. You can see performance across all your locations, manage staffing to ensure you have enough coverage to handle the number of patients coming in, welcome new patients and reward returning ones, and see which inventory is popular with patients and needs restocking. These are just a few of the deep-dive insights you’ll receive with Stax to constantly move your business forward.

Signing Up for the Stax All-in-One Platform

If you’re ready to open a new location of your healthcare business and you want to make payments simpler and faster, then try the Stax All-in-One platform. With Stax, you can manage invoicing, financials, sales data, inventory, and customers all in one place. All you have to do is contact Stax to speak with a Payments Consultant today.

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