Cardx By Stax Credit Card Processing And Surcharging

Today marks a significant milestone in the evolution of CardX as we proudly announce their rebranding as CardX by Stax. This transformative move comes as the next step of our CardX acquisition that took place at the end of 2021. Together, we are set to revolutionize surcharging for merchants and cardholders across the United States.

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The integration of CardX by Stax into our suite of services brings forth a new era of simplicity and transparency. As merchants, you can now enjoy a seamless and cost-effective solution to accept credit cards at 0 percent cost. Leveraging Stax’s robust infrastructure, CardX by Stax enhances our existing surcharging services, automating compliance processes and streamlining operations. With built-in disclosures, advanced pricing technology, and tools for effortless reconciliation and cash application, we have eliminated the compliance risks and operational complexities that have burdened merchants in the past.

At Stax, our core mission has always been to make the payments experience easier and more effective for our customers. The integration of CardX by Stax perfectly aligns with this vision. In an increasingly complex payment landscape, businesses seek a trusted partner to guide them through the surcharging journey. With CardX by Stax, we empower businesses to navigate surcharging with transparency and accountability, fostering stronger relationships with cardholders.

One of the key advantages of CardX by Stax lies in its dynamic fee capabilities, allowing cardholders to save money based on the specific cards they use for their purchases. Furthermore, our merchant partners can effortlessly implement these features, creating a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Jonathan Razi, founder of CardX, emphasizes the importance of choosing the right partner in the surcharging market: “As surcharging becomes the market norm in the U.S., it is crucial for merchants to select a partner that ensures compliance, ease of use, and an exceptional cardholder experience. This partnership empowers businesses to reduce costs and modernize their accounts receivable process. We are excited to join forces with Stax, merging our capabilities and delivering an outstanding all-in-one value proposition for our clients.”

As we continue to evolve, Stax is well-positioned to provide enterprise merchants with enhanced capabilities, enabling them to build robust payment features and better serve their cardholders. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as CardX by Stax paves the way for a new era of surcharging excellence.

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About CardX by Stax:

CardX by Stax, formerly known as CardX, embraces a revolutionary approach to surcharging. As a trusted brand in compliant surcharging, CardX automates payments to help businesses eliminate the cost of credit card processing. CardX by Stax offers best-in-class payment solutions in all environments while addressing the legal and contractual complexities of credit card surcharging. Their end-to-end value proposition has made them a trusted name for category leaders seeking industry-leading technology.

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