Frequently Asked Questions

Who can refer business to Stax?

Any current Stax customer can submit a referral. We appreciate that you want to spread the word and don’t want to put a limit on how much you can earn!

What happens after I refer someone?

Once you submit a referral, you will receive a thank you email with instructions to monitor your referrals and payouts. We will follow up with your referral and let you know when they sign up with Stax. You can then expect to receive your reward when your referral has been processing for 60 days.

What companies will benefit the most from Stax?

Any small to medium-sized business in the United States that wants to save money. Stax can supply top-of-the-line processing solutions for businesses in any industry, all connected through our integrated payment platform, making it the perfect solution for any business owner looking to get better insight into the health of their business.

Is there a limit on how much I can earn?

There is no limit on earnings! We encourage you to earn as many new customer referrals as you can. However, self-referrals are not eligible. If you would like to schedule a demo to learn more about our services for your business, we are always available to chat!