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Having an integrated payment platform by partnering with Stax Connect combines the monetization power of payments with the control and security of your own infrastructure. Fuel your platform by enabling integrated payments and enhance your user experience.

Integrated payment platform

The theme of integration and connectivity seems to be everywhere—from consumers linking devices to create a smart home to businesses uniting their CRM system with other critical functions, there is high demand for a seamless experience. For software companies, integrated payment platform processing is first and foremost a powerful way to maximize revenue. It can also be a smart move to improve the customer experience, foster brand loyalty, and streamline payment processes for a more holistic view of finances. If you’re considering implementing an integrated payment platform into your software solution, this post covers what you need to know and the benefits of integrated payments.

What is an integrated payment platform?

Integrated payment systems connect the payment gateway to the software, allowing the transaction to process seamlessly. By integrating payments within the software, customers can easily enter their debit and credit card information, pay with mobile wallets, and use other popular electronic payment methods.

What is a payment integration API?

A payment integration API, or Application Programming Interface, allows the software solution to add payment processing capabilities to accept payment directly. For example, Stax Connect’s all-in-one API allows SaaS companies to accept single and recurring payments, enable card present and not-present payments, automatically manage invoices, and more.

Further, the Stax API integrates with hundreds of other business applications, including leading CRM systems like Hubspot.

Why Do You Need Integrated Payment Services?

When using disparate systems for software functionality and payments, businesses have to rely on a manual reconciliation in the accounting system to apply payments to the appropriate invoices. With integrated payment services, software companies gain better visibility into financial metrics that matter and spend less time reconciling finances in accounting software.

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Benefits of an integrated payment platform

SaaS companies and customers alike benefit from integrated payment processing. Here we’ll discuss the top benefits of using an integrated payment solution.

Monetize transactions and drive incremental revenue

Turning payments into a lucrative aspect of a software business is more than offering payment acceptance. Collaborating with a payment technology provider that offers a choice of referral or reseller revenue-share models can result in a 2 to 5-fold increase in revenue per merchant.

Differentiate your solution from competitors

To say there are a lot of software solutions out there is a vast understatement. Nowadays, there are several choices for any given solution, so differentiation is essential. By offering an integrated payment solution to your software, SaaS companies can stand out from similar solutions and gain a competitive edge.

Provide a seamless and on-brand customer experience

Offering a seamless customer experience during the payment process has tangible financial benefits. In fact, research indicates reasons for abandoned carts from would-be buyers include a complex checkout process (11%), too much information needed (12%), no guest checkout option (14%), and not enough payment options available (7%). The common thread with these statistics is the payment and checkout experience. With integrated payments, customers are able to check out easily and quickly, meaning fewer abandoned carts and more cash flow.

Save time with accounting software

Manually inputting information from transactions into accounting software to finalize transactions is cumbersome, time-consuming and significantly increases human error. With integrated payment processing, transaction information is sent directly to the accounting system, eliminating errors and saving time.

Ensure payments are PCI compliant

Making sure payment processing aligns with PCI compliance standards is imperative for any business. When integrating payments, your payment processing partner must adhere to the PCI DSS standards in order to protect sensitive payment data and customer information. You can be sure transactions are securely processed by choosing a trusted payment processing partner, such as Stax Connect, to integrate with your software solution.

Better visibility into financial information

Siloed financial information is a huge liability to any business. However, by deploying an integrated payment processing solution, SaaS companies can have built-in invoicing capabilities where invoices can be created and paid directly from the application or website. Stax Connect displays that information in a helpful dashboard, delivering increased visibility and analytics that lead to better-informed decisions.

Choosing your integrated payment solution

Now that we’ve covered the basics of integrated payment systems and their benefits, it’s time to consider your payment processing partner. When choosing a payment processor, we identified several key considerations to look for:

  1. A range of payment methods is supported. Make sure your payment processor accepts a wide range of payment options, such as credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, contactless payments, and any other appropriate payment options.
  2. The applicable features needed for your SaaS platform. For example, not all payment processors can operate internationally, and some do not have robust reporting and analytics. It’s important to compare the features to ensure your payment processor meets your business needs.
  3. Fee structure. The cost of payment processing varies widely in terms of transaction processing. When choosing your payment processing partner, evaluate the pricing and revenue share models to make an informed financial decision.
  4. Security is key—choosing a payment processor that follows PCI compliance standards, offers modern and secure hardware, and protects payment data and customer information is paramount. Be sure to check if your payment partner has PCI-validated solutions.

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