Accelerated Solutions for Field Service Businesses on the Move

Empower technicians with the ability to quickly process customer payments on-site, in the office, or online no matter where a job takes place. With Stax all-in-one payment platform, service contractors have the solutions they need to drive growth and focus on delivering exceptional service experiences.


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Faster Payments in the Field

Increase flexibility and mobility with the ability to quickly accept credit card and ACH payments from any smartphone or tablet. Access reliable payment options from anywhere through the Stax mobile app.

Simplified Billing and Digital Invoicing

Discover a more efficient way to bill and invoice customers. Easily charge for services with automated payments, create digital invoices in just a few clicks, and conveniently send payment links by email or text message.

One Connected Platform that Does it all

Streamline service operations and financials with one unified ecosystem. Access in-depth insights and reporting from a centralized dashboard and integrate vital business tools to the Stax platform for greater accuracy and visibility into the health of your business.

Quickly Accept Any Payment In the Field

Make it easier for you and your service team to quickly accept, track, and manage any form of payment on-site and in real-time with Stax.


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Integrated Mobile Payments

Immediately accept credit card payments using a Bluetooth-enabled reader or process a customer’s preferred form of payment with any phone or tablet using the Stax iOS or Android mobile app.

Accept Payments Online

Send a personalized web payment link by email or text and allow customers to immediately pay for serviced work with ACH or credit card, save their preferred payment method, and also opt-in for future recurring payments.

Mobile-Friendly Reporting Dashboard

Monitor and easily track payment flow, manage service offerings and discounts, and store customer’s preferred form of payment across any device.

Simplified Billing Solutions

 Increase cash flow with automated and recurring billing and accelerate payments by quickly sending invoices before and after a customer service appointment.


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Flexible Invoicing

Whether billing for ongoing services or a single service job, easily create and send recurring invoices, schedule payments, automate invoice payment reminders, and quickly set up payment plans.

Linked Customer Profiles

Save time by safely entering and tokenizing customer information to be used for future payments instead of typing it in every time.

Seamlessly Track Payments

Consolidate payments in-person and online payments, determine which invoices are pending or paid, and monitor deposits all from the Stax dashboard.

Professional Customizations

Maximize brand visibility with easy-to-customize invoices and web payment forms that help build trust in your services and brand.

Save Time and Money With Stax

Put the power of payment processing in your control. Stax’ radically simple all-in-one platform saves time and money so you can focus on the growth of your business.

One Integrated Platform, Endless Possibilities

Quickly access and store customer details, create invoices on the go, and enjoy the ease of having all of your most vital business solutions in one place.

Integrated QuickBooks® Sync

Continue using QuickBooks® powerful accounting capabilities while saving on processing fees with Stax and expediting the time you get paid/receive funds.

Eliminate Double-Data Entry

Free up time with payments automatically synced and reconciled to each customer’s profile. NO more manual entry.

Savings Made Simple

Stax subscription-style merchant services provide clear pricing and easy-to-read statements. No contracts, hidden fees, or confusing pricing structures.

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