Zero Percent Processing

Zero Percent Processing

Credit card processing fees can really add up, especially for merchants that process high-ticket products and services. Case in point: OR Hope, a business that offers regenerative health services. 

Given the costs of healthcare, OR Hope was incurring credit card processing fees to the tune of $3,000+ a month. CEO Jeffrey Fisher knew that these costs would be better spent reinvested in the OR Hope’s team and patient experience, which is why he decided to utilize CardX’s zero percent processing solution

Using our platform, OR Hope was able to implement surcharging and offset credit card processing fees, saving the business thousands of dollars per month. In addition, Using CardX enabled the OR Hope to have better conversations with patients about payments, ultimately strengthening client relationships.

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Let’s take a closer look at OR Hope’s story, and the results they’ve achieved. 


  • OR Hope reduced its monthly credit card processing fees from $3,000 to nearly zero by implementing CardX’s zero percent processing solution.
  • These savings allowed the company to reinvest more resources into its staff and clients. 
  • Rather than facing backlash from clients, the introduction of a surcharging program by OR Hope led to deeper, more constructive dialogues about payments and alternative methods, ultimately strengthening client relationships.

From $3,000 to $0 in Credit Card Processing Costs

OR Health has seen massive savings since implementing CardX.

“Prior to joining CardX by Stax, we were incurring $3k/month or more in credit card fees. Since implementation only a couple months ago, we’ve seen that figure drop toward zero,” says CEO Jeffrey Fisher. 

By implementing a zero percent processing system (powered by CardX), OR Hope managed to pass on the credit card processing fees to clients, thus mitigating expenses on the merchant side.

This initiative not only reduced operational costs, it also helped OR Hope invest more in its team. 

As Jeffrey puts it, “$3,000 in credit card fees that have all but evaporated is enough to pay for the attractive healthcare benefit plan from our US based employees who happen to be our children and who happen to be raising our grandchildren.”

Fostering Better Client Relationships

Many merchants resist the practice of surcharging because they’re concerned that customers would react negatively. But OR Hope experienced the opposite: implementing a surcharging program actually paved the way for more meaningful conversations with clients. 

“Not a single client has come back to us saying they think our company is wrongheaded for allowing them to pay via credit card while paying the fees,” explains Jeffrey.

“Rather, in moments from opening our invoices, clients become aligned as partners with us toward eliminating usurous credit card fees, and conversations jump to, ‘What about payments via debit cards, ACH, wire transfers, and such?’”

He continues, “Of course, when our clients still have reasons to opt for credit cards, CardX enables them to do so without needlessly sucking resources from our young, fast growing company.”

By taking a bold step towards fee transparency, OR Hope has not only improved its bottom line but has also fostered stronger, more cooperative relationships with clients.

Smooth Sailing with CardX’s Customer Support

Beyond the financial savings, Jeffrey also commends the support at CardX, saying that the team has been extremely proactive and invested in Hope OR’s success. 

“We’re very impressed with customer service and technical support,” remarks Jeffrey.

“I’m actually more impressed at CardX folks who keep reaching out to us for things like, ‘You contracted for a POS and we don’t see much activity, can we help?’”

“And when we put in a service ticket or inquiry, we can count in single digit hours not when we’ll get an acknowledgment from CardX—but a confirmation that the issue has been looked into and resolved.”

OR Hope’s transition to CardX has been a resounding success. The significant reduction in processing fees coupled with exceptional customer support has not only improved the organization’s financial health but has also fostered a strong relationship with its clients. 

Ready to Implement Zero Percent Processing?

Leveraging a 0% processing solution like CardX can lead to financial savings, improved customer relationships, and more efficient operations. 

If you’re looking to implement a surcharging program that’s fully seamless and compliant, get started with CardX and discover how you can benefit from 0% credit card processing. 

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FAQs about Zero Percent Processing

Q: What is zero percent processing?

Zero percent processing, also known as surcharging, is a solution that allows businesses to offset the costs associated with credit card processing fees. Rather than absorbing these costs themselves, businesses pass them onto their clients or customers. This approach can significantly reduce the operational costs for businesses, especially those that process high-ticket items or services, such as healthcare providers.

Q: How do you implement zero percent processing?

One of the easiest ways to implement zero percent processing is through the use of a software solution that can facilitate the surcharging process for you. CardX, for example, enables businesses to add a surcharge to transactions made with a credit card, effectively passing the processing fee onto the customer. 

Choosing and implementing a surcharging program can look something like this:

  • Choose a provider: Start by selecting a compliant and seamless surcharging program provider like CardX. 
  • Integration: Integrate the platform with your existing payment systems. 
  • Set up: Configure the settings to add the surcharge to credit card transactions. 
  • Inform customers: Clearly communicate this change to your customers. Transparency is key to maintaining good customer relationships and avoiding backlash.

Q: What are the benefits of zero percent processing?

Zero percent processing offers several benefits:

Cost savings: Surcharging can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the cost of credit card processing fees for the merchant (as seen in the case of OR Hope). These savings can be reinvested back into the business, such as into employee benefits or customer experience improvements. 

Enhanced customer relationships: OR Hope found that implementing a surcharging program led to more meaningful and constructive dialogues with clients about payments and alternative methods. This can lead to stronger client relationships and a greater understanding and alignment towards the costs of doing business. 

Support from provider: With a solution like CardX, businesses can also benefit from proactive customer service and technical support, ensuring a smooth implementation process and ongoing success with the program.