The Best Mobile Credit Card Readers For Small Business

Going cashless is becoming the norm for consumers. People are not carrying cash like they used to. And the evolution of mobile credit card processing technology means consumers have more choices when it comes to how they pay. So what does that mean for small businesses, especially businesses on the go?

Mobile credit card readers are the perfect solution for on-the-go payments. You can accept both EMV and magstripe cards, while some readers also accept NFC apps like iOS’ Apple Pay for contactless payments. Whether you’re using a mobile card reader with your phone or a terminal, mobile readers for small businesses can streamline the entire payment process. Here are some factors to consider while looking for a mobile reader:

Is Your Point of Sale Mobile?

To utilize a mobile credit card reader, your POS system must be able to function on a mobile device. These days, there are many options for mobile POSs, but whether you’re completely functioning on iPads everywhere or a desktop POS in store and an android phone on the go, you’ll need a mobile device to use a mobile card reader. 

Can You Accept EMV and NFC?

A good mobile credit card reader should have the ability to accept both EMV chip cards and NFC credit card payments. This means in addition to a classic magstripe reader, the reader needs to have dip or tap functionality. Customers have more options when it comes to how they pay. Mobile payments like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay have grown in popularity recently. 26% of people worldwide now use mobile wallet payments (in addition to using classic options like debit cards or magnetic stripe Visas, Mastercards, etc). Accepting payment besides cash increases your business’ cash flow. Mobile swipers like the Chipper 2X BT connect via Bluetooth, so you can accept and manage payments from a mobilen app. These readers are great if you often work outside of a typical brick-and-mortar store.

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Are Mobile Credit Card Readers Reliable?

Mobile readers need to be secure and reliable. All businesses that handle cardholder data must be PCI compliant and your mobile payments need to be compliant as well. Non-compliance results in fines anywhere starting from $5,000 up to $100,000 a month. If you use a mobile payment app with your mobile credit card reader, it must be PCI compliant. Stax uses tokenization and encryption all the way to settlement. Whether you key-in information or use a card reader, your data is secure.

Can You Connect Over 5G and WiFi?

Poor connectivity and technical issues slow down check out and cause long lines. Connecting your reader multiple ways can be an insurance policy against those issues. The Dejavoo Z1 and Z9 are both wireless, so you can take them on the go and connect over WiFi or 5G to prevent long lines from forming. They’re a perfect payment processing solution for busy times of day at stores, or if you have a pop-up stand event.

Are There Extra Features Without Extra Costs?

Extra features on your mobile reader shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg while giving flexibility to how you do business. The Dejavoo Z1 reader can email customers their receipt, while the Dejavoo Z9 offers a built-in receipt printer. The Chipper mobile swipers connect via Bluetooth for mobile payments. A good mobile reader should offer useful features to make mobile payments easier.

Choosing the best mobile credit card readers for small businesses boils down to capabilities and functionality. Along with those features, your credit card processor must support mobile payments.

Some other considerations as you consider mobile card readers:

  • What transaction fees , processing fees, or monthly fees does the merchant services provider you’re looking at charge?
  • Does it work with Android devices or just Apple ones, like iPhone?
  • Does it integrate with your eCommerce software (like Shopify)?

Stax’s mobile payment processing solutions are fully integrated. Business owners can track, manage, and accept in-person and online payments from wherever you are. And as a Level 1 PCI compliant service provider, with the highest level of compliance available, you can be confident that your data is secure. Stax’ transparent pricing means you don’t pay extra to process payments—without a contract. And our unbeatable customer support will be there to ensure your success.

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