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Stax Connect is an experience-first, all-in-one integrated solution that allows Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to enable credit card processing within their software platforms in a matter of days instead of months. With an integrated payments solution, Stax provides software companies the tools and flexibility they need to enable and manage their customer payment experience from beginning to end. 

To process card payments businesses often have to work with separate referral partners that exist outside of and do not integrate with their primary business tools. This results in a disconnected experience for both them and their customers. Options to personalize and own the payments experience were also limited, expensive, and disjointed. 

By bringing together all of the necessary payment tools required for a full payments experience into a single platform, Stax Connect provides ISVs the ability to not only own the experience but also increase revenue through payments.  

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Who Uses Stax Connect? 

Many Independent Software Vendors, such as our partners at HindSite, look to provide well-rounded credit card processing solutions to their industry-focused clients and customers. Stax Connect helps provide ISVs the tools they need to process payments with a single integration. 

As a software payments integration, it can be leveraged to quickly implement and easily manage payments within each vendor’s unique software platform, on their website, via mobile apps, and more. Avoid the unnecessary challenge of spending years and millions of dollars on becoming a payment facilitator.

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How Easily Does Stax Connect Integrate Into My Software Platform?

With Stax Connect, you have an entire payments ecosystem at your fingertips. Building an integrated credit card processing system in-house costs $5 million on average, especially when hiring a full team. By leveraging a single API to add payment processing into your software platform, you are able to completely eliminate this exceptionally high cost. There is no need to establish a bank sponsor or even build an enrollment process for your customers. Let Stax do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your software—and your customers.

In addition to saving costs on implementation, you’ll also have immediate access to an award-winning support team like no other to help make sure Stax Connect continues to work seamlessly with your platform. 

Is Credit Card Processing Through Stax Connect Safe?

All of our Stax and integrated payment processing products are designed to be secure and compliant with PCI Security Standards from a deep architecture standpoint. We provide strong support to handle PCI on behalf of our ISV partners and their sub-merchants in order to simplify the compliance process.

This helps reduce the need for your company to be involved in required annual audits that can be frustrating, challenging, and expensive. Stax also handles the risk and complexity related to cardholder data so you don’t have to.

How Much Does Stax Connect Cost?

Unlike other credit card processing solutions, Stax Connect allows software providers to monetize the payments that are processed via a custom revenue share. By eliminating the need to spend millions in development costs and allowing ISVs to set up custom pricing for their customers, you are able to enable payments quickly at no cost and begin reaping rewards almost instantly.

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Where Can I Find More Information on Using Stax Connect? 

At Stax, we provide software companies with a fully integrated, feature-rich payments ecosystem to ensure the best software experience possible. Each software platform is unique and understanding exactly what will work best for your business is key. Contact our Integration Specialists to see how your software can leverage the power of payments through Stax Connect.

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