Poynt Smart Terminal Review: Features, Pricing and Customer Ratings

We’ve come a long way with point-of-sale hardware and software technology, and customers and businesses readily adapt to new technology in the market. In 2021 the global mobile payment market was worth nearly two trillion, and a quarter of the global population uses mobile payments. Just as there are many payment processors to choose from, there are also many payment terminals on the market to consider. This post explores what you need to know about the Poynt Smart Terminal.


  • Both the Poynt Smart Terminal and the Poynt 5 mobile terminal are compact and functional payment terminals with a customizable customer and merchant interface.
  • The Poynt Smart Terminal accepts QR code payments, EMV chip cards, swiped payments, contactless cards, mobile wallets, and manually keyed card payments.
  • Poynt terminals work well in many environments, including retail, food service, the service industry, healthcare offices, professional services, and the like.

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What is the Poynt Smart Terminal?

Poynt payment terminals are part of the GoDaddy ecosystem and provide merchants with payment processing hardware and software. While the Poynt Smart Terminal is not a point-of-sale system in and of itself, with the available Poynt HQ application, it can act as a complete POS and help merchants stay connected to business operations and analytics. 

Payment With Poynt Smart Terminal

What is the difference between the Poynt terminal and the Poynt 5?

The Poynt 5 payment terminal is a fully mobile system that is about the size of a smartphone. The main difference between the two is the size and printing capabilities. Depending on your business, both the Poynt Smart Terminal and the Poynt 5 may be useful, allowing businesses to have a fixed checkout experience or a mobile checkout available.

Key Features of the Poynt POS 

The Poynt Smart Terminal comes with several noteworthy features. One of which is the sleek design that includes an integrated thermal printer. This means less of your countertop is used by the point-of-sale system, and there are fewer hardware components to look after. 

Another key differentiator is the customizable dual screens. This feature means the screen won’t need to be turned for the customer to make a payment or sign for their purchase, and the minimalist design will work in any space. 

This payment terminal accepts payments, prints receipts and operates on wifi, meaning you’re not tied to a single location. Finally, with all Poynt payment terminals, hardware and software are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant

What forms of payment are accepted with the Poynt payment terminal?

The Poynt payment terminal is limited to card payments and other contactless payment types. Poynt POS systems accept QR code payments, EMV chip cards, near-field communication (NFC) or contactless cards, manual card number entry, and magnetic stripe cards. With the Poynt Smart Terminal, you can accept all major credit card brands, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. These payment terminals will also accept mobile wallet payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Wallet, Android Wallet, and Google Pay. Finally, manual keyed entry is available for Poynt payment terminals if needed.

What is the pricing for the Poynt POS card reader?

Payment processing for in-person transactions is 2.3% per transaction, which includes contactless payments and credit and debit card transactions. For online payments, the cost is 2.3% per transaction plus 30 cents. For keyed-in payments, the cost is 3.3% per transaction.

For the hardware, Poynt Smart Terminals are available for rent for $30 per month, and Poynt 5 point-of-sale systems are available for $15 per month. However, both can be purchased outright as a bundle through authorized resellers for around $500, but that price will vary depending on the merchant. Your best choice is to go through your payment processor to ensure payment processing and hardware integration are compatible.

Do the Poynt payment terminals need wifi to operate?

Poynt payment terminals operate on wifi but can also be used with an ethernet connection if needed. There is also a wireless 3G connectivity option if needed, but wifi is the most common option for internet connectivity.

What Makes Poynt Unique?

One feature that makes Poynt payment terminals unique is the touchscreen allowing customers to enter their PIN for debit card transactions. It also accepts EMV chip cards and contactless cards seamlessly. This eliminates the clunky card reader and keypad and is easier to disinfect than other keypad devices. The Poynt terminals also allow for optional customer tip prompts, which are customizable and ideal for restaurants or other service industry businesses.

The Poynt Smart Terminal payment solution is a great choice for small businesses but also works well for medium and larger enterprise businesses. With its customizable interface and sleek design, it is a great way to deliver a more functional checkout experience for your employees and customers. 

What do the merchant reviews have to say?

As with any payment processing hardware or software, the answer to “what is right for me?” depends on your unique situation. Poynt is competitive with pricing structures on the market, and they don’t seem to have hidden fees for activation, early termination, interchange or others. Poynt also integrates with QuickBooks, which is a plus since this is a commonly used accounting software. The built-in thermal printer is also noted as a positive, as well as the touch screens. These terminals work well in various environments, including retail, food service, the service industry, healthcare offices, professional services, and the like.

One of the biggest downsides is actually renting or purchasing the hardware since that needs to go through Poynt or a reseller—meaning you’ll need to do your research to get the best price. Some reviews also indicate that there may be some assembly required and that working through the reseller for support can be more of a hassle.

Final Words

Choosing the right payment processor for your business is an important decision, and so is choosing the hardware for your point-of-sale system. There are many comparable solutions in the marketplace, so our advice is to encourage merchants to evaluate their needs and what will resonate most with their customers. 

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