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Stax keeps payment processing simple, providing you with the solutions your business needs to easily accept credit, debit, and eChecks from your customers from anywhere at any time. Here are a few integrated payment solutions proven effective in speeding up payment processing for your accounting business this tax season.

Make Invoicing Easy

Finding an efficient and quick way to get paid for your expertise is important, especially during tax season. Using a virtual terminal to manage your payments and unpaid invoices is a great place to start.

By using an all-in-one platform, your payment process is seamlessly integrated with customizable web payment forms that are integrated with your website and brand.

You’re also able to create payment links to send directly to customers or copy and paste pre-built HTML to create payment buttons on your website, all from our intuitive web-based payment portal.

Affordable payment processing solutions are quick, easy, effective, and built for your independent tax resolution firm. In other words, we get rid of the hassle and help you get paid faster.

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Manage Your Business And Customer Data With The Stax All-In-One Payment Processing Platform

Adding a virtual terminal to your tax prep business with integrated solutions will streamline your payment processing. This will provide your customers with an optimal experience at checkout.

The Stax Platform also keeps customer information, like preferred payment methods, on file to help streamline your recurring payments and safely store customer credit cards. The system automatically keeps card information updated before it expires. This helps to reduce the risks of bounce backs and charge issues ensuring you get paid on time.

An integrated payment platform provides you with tools your professional service business can benefit from, allowing you to download payment forms. You will also be able to track the cash basis of your revenue and expenditures from the Stax Platform.

Link QuickBooks Online to Sync Your Business Data

Save time and manage your business in one platform integrated with Stax’ powerful payment processing. Set up is quick and easy.

Syncing your QuickBooks account with the Stax Platform ensures that your customer information, as well as your business data, are secure with optimum security thanks to Stax having the highest level of PCI compliance.

As a Tax Prep Professional, you help your customers save money during tax season. In return, let us help you save on your payment processing all year long with flat fee processing. There are no contracts or hidden fees so you can cancel at any time. You’ll also have access to our award-winning customer service.

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