Clover POS Reviews : Everything You Need to Know

Clover is a point of sale and payments platform offering an all-in-one solution that’s popular among retail and hospitality businesses — but is it the right solution for you?

To help answer this, we’ve put together a guide detailing everything you need to know with Clover POS Reviews. Use the insights below to determine if this is the POS debit and credit card processing platform for you.

What is Clover POS System?

Clover is a credit card payment processor for small businesses owned by First Data. It’s considered an “all-in-one” system because it offers credit card processing along with POS hardware, POS software, as well as a virtual terminal.

Clover Point of Sale Services

In addition to the software/hardware, all Clover software comes with reporting tools, easy refunds, user permissions, and the ability to sync with third-party apps, such as QuickBooks. This makes it simple to link your credit card processing with your accounting, marketing, and more.


There are six plans small businesses can choose from to get the solutions that suit their business needs:

1. Clover Payments plan

The Clover payments plan covers small businesses that just need payment processing, with a simple POS option. E.g. no huge fancy hardware, just something like the Clover Go, Clover Flex, Clover Mini, or Register Lite. It can also integrate with barcode scanners and other hardware.

There are $0 monthly subscription fees for this plan, as you’ll only have to pay for payment processing fees. The other plans, which we’ll discuss below, come with POS software/hardware and have a monthly fee in addition to payment processing costs.

2. Clover Essentials plan

Clover Essentials covers the basics and provides businesses with a POS set up more robust than a simple small device.

The Essentials plan comes with a $9.95 monthly fee for each device + processing fees.

Clover’s Payments and Essentials plans offer credit card processing fees of:

  •  2.6% + $0.10 for in-person transactions
  •  3.5% + $0.10 for keyed-in transactions.

3. Clover Register Plan

Clover’s Register plan is a step up for businesses that have a high number of card sales.

The Register plan costs $39.95/month for the first device and then just $9.95 for each additional device thereafter + processing fees.

4. Counter Service Restaurant Plan

Counter Service Restaurant is for the restaurateurs that take payments through a countertop solution connected online through wifi. This plan offers the Clover Mini and Station Duo for $39.95/month for the first device and then just $9.95 for each additional device thereafter + processing fees.

5. Table Service Restaurant Plan

Table Service Restaurant supports full-service restaurants with hardware to meet customers in their seats, with a plan costing $69.95/month for the first device and then just $9.95 for each additional device + processing fees.
Clover’s Register, Counter Service, and Table Service plans offer credit card processing fees of:

  • 2.3% + $0.10 for in-person transactions
  • 3.5% + $0.10 for keyed-in transactions

6. No Hardware Plan

Online and e-commerce merchants can benefit from Clover’s No Hardware plan, which is just $9.95/month + processing fees of 3.5% + $0.10 for keyed-in transactions.

Clover Hardware Options

Clover offers a range of devices, from small handheld card readers to iPad solutions running through the Clover app. All Clover devices accept contactless payments.

Clover Go: $99

Compatible through both the Apple iOS and Android app store, Clover Go is a small point of sale system for small businesses taking payments quickly, including service businesses. The Go device can be used on the Payments, Essentials, and Register plans.

Clover Flex: $499

Clover Flex is a mobile POS system that can be used on the go. It comes with Rapid Deposit, allowing you to get your cash quickly. It also accepts multiple payment types and has advanced inventory management features, customization solutions for better functionality, and a loyalty program.

This device can be used as an add-on with the Station devices we will discuss below.

Clover Mini: $749

Clover Mini is a small but powerful user-friendly device and offers advanced inventory, reporting features, employee management tools, and a host of other front and back-of-house features.
Accepting multiple payment types, the Mini is suitable for a range of different businesses.

Station Solo: $1,349 or $1,399

Clover’s Station Solo is for larger businesses, in particular full-service restaurants. The Station Solo features a 14″ high-definition screen, receipt printer, and cash drawer. Restaurant and small business owners can build floor plans, take mobile orders, and leverage a range of back-end features to improve operational efficiency.

The price variation depends on whether you get the “for any business” or the “full-service restaurants” hardware. Coming in at $1,399 and $1,349 respectively.

Station Duo: $1,649

Offering all the same features as the Station Solo but stepping it up a notch with a customer-facing touch screen. The merchant-facing screen is also a 14″ high-definition screen, with a receipt printer and cash drawer.

Clover Station Duo connects to the Counter Service Restaurant plan or Register plan, which can work for any bricks and mortar business.

Clover’s Credit Card Payment Processing

Clover’s payment processing is run through Fiserv, and there is no flexibility to work with other processing companies if you use Clover.

Although Clover has set payment processing fees for each of its plans, it’s important to realize that the swipe fees at other banks can vary. The end costs can depend on your business’s sales volume, credit card rating, and various other factors.

Flexibility in choosing your payment processor can manage these variables, but that’s not an option with Clover. Credit card processing through Stax, for example, offers better fees and can be connected to a variety of other POS platforms.

Negative Clover Customer Reviews

Clover POS has 324 reviews on GetApp, with an average rating of 4 out of 5 and pretty mixed feelings from users. Below are some key highlights of Clover POS reviews.


Most negative Clover POS reviews relate to cost. The upfront costs of the hardware can be a barrier for a service that is otherwise considered a cost-effective setup.

Hardware Requirements

Clover hardware is a big part of its offering, and this can lock merchants in. Cloud-based POS software lets merchants test out solutions and make a switch if they don’t like them. Clover, conversely, is run on Fiserv’s proprietary hardware. You need to have the hardware to test it, making it a costly investment if you’re not 100% certain.

Lack of Transparency

Common Clover complaints revolve around hidden fees and non-negotiable contracts. There have also been some complaints from users regarding being sold on certain app features only to discover later that they don’t do what was promised.

Positive Clover POS Reviews

As a popular solution, there is still plenty of praise online about Clover POS systems.

Ease of Use

It’s fair to say that ease of use is Clover’s number one selling point. For merchants that aren’t tech-savvy and just want a solution that makes intuitive sense, Clover will always be one of the leaders.

Quick Set Up

Because of the ease of use, it’s also incredibly quick to set up and doesn’t take a lot of upskilling to operate.

Plenty of Apps to Choose From

Clover’s app store offers a wide range of solutions for multiple industries. Some have negative complaints about the apps lacking certain functions, but overall, the sheer volume of app solutions seems to be a big selling point among users.

All-in-One POS Solution

Clover’s all-in-one solution is a big plus for businesses that just want to get all of their hardware, software, and payment processing in one place. This is not necessarily positive for growing businesses shopping around for better fees, but those who want a simple, easy to set up solution can get it through Clover.

Clover POS Review: Final Considerations

Clover is a stand-out for being easy to set up, easy to use, and offering a large range of integrations through the Clover app market. All merchant accounts come with features that help businesses track revenue and understand what sells well and when. Merchants can also set up digital and physical gift cards on certain plans.

The downside of Clover is that it’s not the cheapest or most transparent with its processing rates. PCI compliance fees, for example, are undisclosed, and many users complain about hidden fees. What’s more, you can’t separate the POS from the payment processing provider, and there are upfront costs for their hardware.

Merchants who are after an easy all-in-one option can benefit from the convenience of Clover. But those looking for better rates, more transparency, and more options are best to consider payment platform providers such as Stax that offer more flexibility when it comes to point of sale hardware and software.

With Stax, you’re able to choose a POS solution that fits your specific needs, while still having access to the best payment processing rates. Stax’ robust platform also offers a wider range of payments tools and solutions, making it easier for your business to adapt and expand.

Get in touch today and we’ll help you determine the right solution for your business.

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