Surcharging Tools And Tech - What You Need To Implement A Surcharing Program In-Person And Online

If you’re reading this guide, you’re likely interested in implementing a surcharging program to offset credit card costs. 

More and more merchants are choosing to set up credit card surcharges (aka zero percent processing) because it helps reduce operational expenses and allows businesses to stay competitive amidst issues like inflation and economic uncertainty. 

Even more good news? Implementing surcharging is easier than ever. At the time of writing this, surcharging is legal for businesses in all US states and territories except Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico. And if you’re using a solution like CardX by Stax, you can rest easy knowing that our software automatically keeps you compliant with all surcharging laws

Now, as far as the checkout process goes, your surcharging program—when implemented correctly—shouldn’t add friction to the customer experience. With the proper hardware and software, customers will experience a smooth and transparent transaction process.

In this article, we’ll go over the surcharging tools and technologies you can use to implement zero percent processing seamlessly. From in-person hardware to ecommerce solutions, we’ve got you covered with the latest and most efficient options.


  • Credit card surcharging helps businesses offset operational costs by passing on credit card processing fees to the consumer; CardX by Stax offers industry-leading tools and ensures surcharging compliance for businesses.
  • For online transactions, CardX’s Lightbox solution provides a seamless checkout experience without redirecting customers, and for in-person transactions, the Dejavoo QD series terminals are recommended.
  • If you take payments over the phone, you can use a surcharging-compliant virtual terminal to implement your surcharging program. 

Implementing an online surcharging program

Implementing An Online Surcharging Program

You can implement surcharging online by using surcharging software with your ecommerce platform.

To provide the most optimal experience, opt for a solution that keeps customers on your website throughout the entire checkout process. CardX by Stax’s Lightbox solution is an excellent example of an online surcharging tool that lets customers have a seamless ecommerce experience. 

Here’s how it works: When it’s time to pay, CardX displays a Lightbox right on your website without redirecting customers away from the page. This feature can also be integrated with Click to Pay to even further reduce friction from the online checkout experience further.

The beauty of the Lightbox is it’s fully customizable, which means you can tailor it to match your brand’s look and feel. It also looks sleek and professional, so customers feel confident and assured during the payment process.

Moreover, CardX’s Lightbox feature is Level 1 PCI compliant, so shoppers can pay for their purchases (including the cost of payment processing) quickly and securely. 

More importantly, CardX by Stax ensures that your online surcharging program complies with the necessary regulations—all while promoting a smooth and uninterrupted checkout experience. 

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Implementing an in-person or in-store surcharging program

If you’re looking to accept payments and implement surcharging for face-to-face transactions, you can do so with the right credit card equipment. The right hardware will depend on your payment processor and surcharging provider. 

Be sure to have a conversation with your providers to confirm that your business is equipped with credit card terminals that will allow you to implement surcharging. 

Dejavoo QD Series for surcharging

At CardX by Stax, our top picks for in-person surcharging are the Dejavoo QD2 mobile wireless terminal and the QD4 countertop.

Dejavoo QD2 Mobile Wireless Android


QD2 Mobile Wireless Android is a robust and adaptable mobile terminal perfect for taking payments anywhere in your facility. Whether you’re a retailer that wants to ring up sales or the floor or a medical practitioner that needs to take the checkout experience to the patient, the Dejavoo QD2 has got you covered. 

Plus, the sleek and modern design makes it an attractive addition to any point-of-sale environment. It’s a great way to convey that your business is technologically advanced and customer-centric.

Some of the key features and specs of this terminal include:

  • 4G and WiFi capabilities
  • Silicone protector available
  • Internal PIN Pad and contactless 
  • Same AURA software as Z Line, so there’s no learning curve if you’re already familiar with the Dejavoo Z series
  • Large touch screen 

Check out the complete list of specifications here

Dejavoo QD4 Countertop Android


The QD4 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a countertop terminal. Ideal for locations with dedicated checkout areas, the QD4 offers fast and efficient transaction processing, paving the way for smooth customer experiences.

And just like the QD2, the QD4 has a smooth and modern look and feel, so your business will exude professionalism and contemporary charm.

Some of the key features and specs of this terminal include:

  • Ethernet & WiFi 
  • Internal PIN Pad and contactless 
  • Same AURA software as Z Line, so there’s no learning curve if you’re already familiar with the Dejavoo Z series
  • Supports external PIN Pad (QD5 or QD3 PIN Pad)

Check out the complete list of specifications here

Implementing a surcharging program in your business office


If you operate in a more corporate setting and take payments over the phone, using a surcharging-compliant virtual terminal is a must. 

Again, the specifics for how to set things up will depend on your payment and surcharging providers. At CardX by Stax, our virtual terminal lets you complete an order with just a few clicks—no additional equipment or software required.

And like all of our solutions, CardX’s virtual terminal automatically ensures that all your payment and legal ducks are in a row. That way, you can run your surcharging initiatives with confidence. 

Bringing it all together

Credit card surcharging doesn’t have to be complicated. When partnered with the right payment provider, you can enjoy the benefits of zero percent processing and maintain a healthier bottom line. 

So whether you’re taking payments in-person, online, or in your office, see to it that you have the right tools and technology to offer a transparent and efficient experience for your customers.

Need help doing just that? CardX by Stax provides the right equipment and ensures surcharging compliance every step of the way. 

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FAQs about Surcharging Program

Q: What is a surcharging program?

A surcharging program allows businesses to offset operational costs by passing on credit card processing fees to the consumer. This practice is becoming increasingly popular among merchants due to its potential to reduce expenses and enhance competitiveness.

Q: Is it legally permitted to implement a surcharging program?

As of the time of writing, surcharging is legal in all US states and territories apart from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico. However, each business should monitor legislative changes and ensure ongoing compliance.

Q: What tools and technologies are needed to implement a surcharging program?

Implementing a surcharging program requires the right hardware and software. For online transactions, solutions such as CardX by Stax’s Lightbox can be used. For in-person transactions, credit card terminals like the Dejavoo QD series are recommended. In corporate settings, a surcharging-compliant virtual terminal can be employed.

Q: What is CardX by Stax’s Lightbox solution, and how does it support online surcharging?

The Lightbox solution from CardX by Stax is a surcharging tool allowing customers to complete their checkout on your website without redirection. The solution displays a Lightbox on your webpage at payment time, provides a seamless ecommerce experience, and is Level 1 PCI compliant.

Q: Can I use surcharging for face-to-face transactions?

Yes, using the appropriate credit card equipment, like the Dejavoo QD2 Mobile Wireless Android and Dejavoo QD4 Countertop Android offered by CardX by Stax, it is possible to implement surcharging for in-person, face-to-face transactions.

Q: How can I implement a surcharging program for payments taken over the phone?

Implementing a surcharging program for payments taken over the phone requires using a surcharging-compliant virtual terminal. Such terminals help to complete an order with just a few clicks and ensure legal compliance.

Q: How does surcharging benefit the bottom line of a business?

Surcharging helps businesses reduce credit card processing costs—an operational expense—by passing these costs on to the consumers. It allows businesses to maintain a healthier bottom line and remain competitive in the face of economic challenges.

Q: Do customers view surcharging negatively?

If implemented correctly, a surcharging program should not add friction to the customer experience. Whether online, in-person, or over the phone, the checkout process should remain smooth and seamless for customers.

Q: What steps should be taken to ensure compliance in a surcharging program?

To ensure compliance, businesses should work with a reliable partner such as CardX by Stax. Their software ensures ongoing compliance with surcharging laws, ensuring businesses can adopt such initiatives with confidence.