Stax Payment Processing Vs Paymentcloud

PaymentCloud Merchant Services stays true to its name and offers credit card and debit card processing solutions to its clients. With services that are spread throughout the point of sale (POS), online payments, and virtual payments, the company brings its offerings to businesses of all scales.

The company also facilitates automated clearing house (ACH) transfers that are suitable for large-scale businesses. Additionally, it specializes in processing high-risk transactions, making it quite popular in specific industries such as those that are rife with chargebacks. These high-risk solutions are welcome in a world where fraud might continue to grow.

In order to cater to this wide variety of businesses in the payments industry and minimize high-risk issues, PaymentCloud distributes its offerings in several divisions. These PaymentCloud divisions range from high-risk solutions to general payment processing. For instance, while the company’s retail payment segment caters to POS terminals and in-person card processing equipment, its eCommerce merchant account provides support for online transactions.

Despite its specialization in large scale and high-risk payments, these specific merchant services’ availability brings PaymentCloud in direct competition with providers such as Stax. Since Stax also offers its solutions in these areas to businesses of all sizes, it’s natural to think about how the services of both payment processing companies fare against each other.

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PaymentCloud vs Stax Payments

While PaymentCloud and Stax both offer the same slew of enterprise services in various divisions, the main factor that sets them apart is their overall cost.

Whether you are choosing the merchant services provider, PaymentCloud services, for in-store payments, or an online shopping cart, the company’s rates are often higher than what Stax brings to the table.

However, this difference in rates does not translate to contrasting levels of quality or security of their solutions. Both business providers deliver intuitive solutions and offer optimal grade security, such as compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

To see a direct comparison of both PaymentCloud and Stax, here’s an overview of their similar services and how they stand apart from each other.

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In-Person Transactions Through POS and EMV Terminals

Through its card-present processing and POS systems equipment, PaymentCloud allows you to accept magstripe as well as EMV-chip credit cards and debit cards for your business transactions. The company accepts all major payment card processors across various devices, which optimally powers your solutions.

These card-present devices are available in the form of traditional POS equipment and modern EMV terminals that are typically used in an in-person setting. This allows you to efficiently process transactions at your brick-and-mortar store or other physical premises. If you choose a wireless EMV terminal or card reader, you can accept payments anywhere you want without being stuck to a physical address.

With various options that are sourced through third-party manufacturers, PaymentCloud allows you to choose this equipment according to your needs. This gives you a certain level of flexibility while moving forward with your payment card transactions.

However, the overall price point of these solutions can often fall out of your budget. This is especially true when you compare these costs to a highly affordable provider such as Stax.

It’s because Stax offers the same range of services in terms of POS solutions and EMV terminals. But it does so at an accessible price point that makes its services more suitable for your business’ bottom line. For typical POS transactions, Stax charges a flat subscription pricing plus minimal per-transaction costs that are within reason.

To add to the service’s value proposition, Stax offers its prices in a transparent and straightforward way, while PaymentCloud reveals its quotes upon request.

Digital Transactions Through Online and Virtual Payment Gateways 

For businesses that need to obtain their payments over the web, PaymentCloud offers online payment gateway solutions. For instance, if you run an eCommerce store, you can use this online payment gateway through your shopping cart. Similarly, if you sell your products through an app, secure payment services can be integrated into your application.

This online payment gateway accepts payment cards that are powered by major payment processing companies. This allows your customers to process their payments without any hassle and complete their transactions on their terms.

In case you deal with customers over the phone or need to have another option for card-not-present (CNP) transactions, PaymentCloud also offers a virtual payment gateway for these requirements. Through this solution, you can key-in your client’s card details over the phone or even do so in person where a card is not available.

Once again, PaymentCloud is able to bring plenty of convenience to you through these solutions. However, it falls a bit short when trying to emulate the same experience in its pricing. While the actual fee is available to each client after a quote, it goes a little beyond the point of affordability for many businesses.

On the other hand, Stax offers its online and virtual payment services at competitive prices.

The Stax Platform enables several payment options. Merchants can key in payment information and even hold it for regular use. That means that recurring payments become more of a pleasant experience where you don’t have to go through the same processes over and over again.

Everyone, from your employees to your customers, will appreciate the convenience of not having to worry about continuously entering payment information.

This saves time and improves the overall experience for everyone involved in the process.

What else does the Stax platform offer? The ability to send electronic invoices. Invoices sent direct to text, enabling more simplicity.

Of course, it also allows for payment tracking, customer behavior, and swiped payments.

This is yet another service that falls under the comprehensive monthly pricing plan where you have direct exposure to interchange costs and a minimal fee per transaction. You can count upon the company to offer you next-generation services without costing a fortune.

Mobile Payments Through Specialized Devices

PaymentCloud also entertains mobile payments across a variety of modalities. These solutions work in multiple ways. In one form, they allow you to accept payments executed by your customers’ mobile devices. Through their other iteration, they turn your own mobile devices into wireless payment processors.

For mobile payments, the company makes it a point to integrate contactless payments in its modern POS and EMV terminals. This allows you to accept touch-to-pay transactions through NFC and lets you enter the next generation of digital payments without any added hassles.

When it comes to turning your own mobile devices into payment processing equipment, you can use PaymentCloud mobile card readers to accept credit card and debit card payments without traditional POS equipment. This is especially helpful for those businesses that either does not have a large capital to set up their payment infrastructure or which want more affordable solutions to consistently grow their operations.

Whether you are trying to welcome more customers to your business or working to bring more simplicity to your operations, this selection of mobile payment solutions can help. With that, PaymentCloud price points can often make them more expensive as compared to Stax.

In contrast to PaymentCloud, Stax delivers the same level of credit card processing solutions, but it does so at a far more affordable cost. No matter if you are going with POS equipment that accepts mobile payments or card readers that pair up with mobile devices, you don’t have to break the bank for it.

The merchant account company provides the system to manage and process the payments while also providing the devices you need to ensure that you are getting the most capabilities and features that you need to run your business.

As a merchant account company, Stax understands the importance of improved and effective mobile payment solutions in this day and era where everyone is always on the go. The company also realizes the need for minimal cost in an era where costs continue to rise for businesses in many parts of the economy.

That is why, again, with a straightforward monthly pricing plan and variable but minimal fees per transaction, Stax lets you enjoy these services in a stress-free way.

So which credit card processing solution is perfect for you? It is not a simple decision for many enterprise merchants when dealing with credit card processing solutions and merchant accounts.

How should an enterprise come to a decision when it comes to mobile payments, gift card acceptance, and the right payments industry partner?

Which Company Offers a Better Payment Solution?

With their overall solutions and related services, PaymentCloud and Stax can be suitable choices for various businesses. While the similarity of their offerings puts them head to head in many aspects, picking out a winner isn’t difficult when you take a closer look.

One of the main distinguishing factors between both companies is the pricing of their products. The second factor that differentiates the two is that of customer service. Stax prides itself on fantastic customer service. From minimal wait times to talk to someone who is personable and there to help you 24/7, Stax ensures to provide fantastic customer service so that merchants can get back to business with ease.

These are two of the most critical points for both businesses, and it helps you choose easier.

If you are trying to cut back on your costs without compromising on the quality of your payment services, Stax can fulfill all of your goals. Through its robust infrastructure, expansive solutions, and proactive customer services, the company can meet all your requirements with the utmost ease.

The Stax Difference

Stax holds expertise, experience, and has significant relations with a vast base of merchants. This trifecta helps Stax minimize high-risk issues and helps it to understand merchants’ needs. It’s what compels it to provide services and solutions that meet merchant’s unique needs. Whether businesses need help with high-risk solutions or other general services, the payment processor can help in some way.

The merchant services company focuses on one core component, simplicity. Stax knows that simplifying the payment processing experience helps merchants focus on elevating their customer experience.

Now that we know how Stax offers compelling payment processor experiences let’s look into a few more characteristics of the company.

The credit card processing company provides a simple subscription-based pricing plan where businesses can access the direct cost of interchange and minimal transaction costs.

Stax chose this simple subscription pricing plan because it would help businesses understand their costs and save them funds over the long-term.

In addition to simple pricing, the merchant services company also offers zero markups, no additional fees, and a no-contract subscription plan. That’s right; you can leave whenever you want to, the choice is up to you.

Now, you know that you won’t have any future headaches from the pricing plan, what else does Stax offer?

The credit card processing company brings about comprehensive data and analytics offerings through the Stax platform that simplifies the overall payment processing experience.

Yet another critical feature of the Stax service is the PCI compliance assistance and statements.

But don’t forget about the superb customer service that Stax offers with an in-house customer service team that will help you solve your problems as quickly as possible.

Let us view a few of their simple features that make a world of difference.

Stax Features

Here are the primary features that Stax brings to the table.

  • No Switching Costs
  • Zero contracts or additional costs
  • A Comprehensive Real-Time data and analysis system
  • Priority Customer Service at all times
  • A wide array of software integrations
  • Quickbooks integrations
  • PCI Compliance collaboration
  • Mobile Processing
  • Payment gateways
  • Fast funding for the right businesses
  • Point of sale system integration for most providers

Stax provides a seamless payment processing experience, helping you stay focused on your business.

From software to hardware and continued support from experienced customer success representatives, Stax is there for support. Stax supports and enables businesses to be at their best when it comes to payment processing. We are available to answer any inquiries and assist with your payment processing needs.

Reach out to one of our revenue consultants today to find out how Stax can collaborate with your business to elevate your operations.

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