Gravity Payments Vs. Fattmerchant Merchant Services

Founded in 2004, Gravity Payments is known for its payment processing services in various industries. While the business is based in Seattle, Washington, it holds significant prominence throughout the U.S. Due to its focus on customer service; the company is especially prevalent among those business owners who treat customer experience as an essential factor.

It has seen media reports and mentions of its leaders Dan Price, its gravity payment processing services, and its gravity credit card processing business in the Seattle Times, and other publications. Media firms across the board ranging from Fox News to social media covered the credit card processing firm for its positive treatment of its employees.

Gravity Payments offers its credit card processing services and payment services across many sectors that include but are not limited to restaurants, retail outlets, financial services, and eCommerce stores. With its variety of payment processing and credit card processing services, the company ensures that it can fulfill the needs of all modern businesses.

However, Gravity Payments still faces some competition in terms of its overall outreach and brand name recognition. This is especially true for those business owners who don’t have in-depth knowledge about the payments industry and only know about the more popular providers.

Apart from its staggered fame compared to more prominent payment processing companies, Gravity Payments may not always be the most cost-effective option. As such, it faces competition from more affordable payment services providers such as Stax. Even when their solutions remain on the same level, the cost-effectiveness of the latter often outperforms Gravity Payments.

But instead of taking this observation at face value, you must look into it at a deeper level. This ensures that you can weigh each service’s pros and cons that go beyond the cost factor.

How Does Gravity Payments Hold Up to Stax?

As described above, the overall level and extent of services provided by Gravity company remain the same as Stax. With that being said, there are some stark contrasts between both entities when it comes to pricing. That is why you must begin the side-by-side comparison with an analysis of their costs.

The Cost Difference is Present Throughout Various Services

Since Gravity Payments offers its payment processing services across different segments, it also has various price points in place. However, these prices mostly vary by the type of payment solution you are using and not its overall quality.

Gravity Payments follows a per-transaction payment model, which allows it to charge businesses for each payment that goes through its system. As a result, the primary distinction of charges is set by its transaction fee. With that being said, its equipment costs that start from $75 for mobile devices also play a significant role.

But this particular model isn’t different from any payment processing services provider. No matter the type of solutions you seek, payment processing companies almost always tie them to specific transaction costs. This makes sure you can use uninterrupted payment services 24/7, while also being a profitable long-term customer for the company itself.

However, in the case of Gravity Payments, these per-transaction costs may run higher than Stax. It’s because Stax has a penchant for offering vastly affordable transaction fees that are often hard to beat by even the most popular payment processors. This also holds true for the point of sale (POS) equipment that the company offers, which comes at cost-effective price points that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Another factor that sets Stax apart from Gravity Payments is how it offers transparent pricing to customers right off the bat. On the other hand, Gravity Payments only reveals pricing plans to potential customers when they make an inquiry through its website or the phone. This makes its pricing model quite tricky to compare for affordability.

As a result, Stax surpasses Gravity Payments in terms of its overall affordability and holistic transparency measures. If pricing is your prime decision factor, like many other businesses, then you might not be able to do better than Stax.

With the pricing factor now in full view, you can compare the offered services from a proper place.

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POS and Retail Payments

Much like other payment processing services providers, Gravity Payments’ main point of service comes through credit card and debit card processing on POS terminals.

The POS terminals that are compatible with Gravity Payments are equipped with modern technology and designed with an intuitive interface. They are also compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which gives them the ability to secure customers’ financial and confidential data.

These POS terminals can come with a slew of functionalities. But for the simplest of businesses, all of them are built to process payment cards with magnetic stripes and EMV chips. This lets you accept credit cards and debit cards issued or supported by all major card providers, whether you have to swipe them at the machine or must verify the payment with a PIN.

Similarly, Stax also offers its own POS terminals and solutions with a variety of value-added features. But the ability to accept different credit cards and debit card payments stays the same. This makes it easier for you to find a solution that works for your needs and provides you with the functionalities you want out of your POS system.

These POS and Retail payments options provide businesses with a holistic way to approach their business and conduct credit card processing without issues.

Mobile and Wireless Payments

Gravity Payments also offers you the ability to accept mobile payments through its POS terminals and payment processing equipment. You can process these contactless payments through the tap to pay mechanism, which works with NFC-enabled phones and services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

In addition to using these solutions at retail POS terminals or registers, you are able to use wireless devices to accept your credit card and debit card payments anywhere. This wireless equipment can be combined with any modern smartphone or tablet to accept payments safely and securely. You can choose the devices in relation to your immediate needs or ongoing requirements.

This makes these mobile payment solutions relatively easy to access by startups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) alike. Whether you are starting your business from scratch or want to expand your delivery network, these mobile and wireless solutions can help you entertain more customers.

Living up to its reputation, Stax stays on par with Gravity Payments in offering mobile and wireless payment services. At times, it can also surpass and move past Gravity Payments in the mobile and wireless payments segment.

The payment services provider also gives you an array of equipment options and payment solutions so that you can accept your mobile payments anywhere, anytime. This ensures that the breadth of critical services remains but doesn’t come with more considerable expenses.

Online and Virtual Payment Gateway Solutions

Like other modern payment solutions, Gravity Payments also provides an online payment gateway that easily lets you integrate it into your website or apps.

As a result, your customers can process their payments online in a convenient yet secure manner. This online payment gateway remains simple to manage and implement without jumping through hoops.

Gravity Payments also offers you the ability to use virtual payment gateway services, which let you punch in payments even in card-not-present (CNP) scenarios. For instance, if you are taking payments over the phone, and your customer is unable to access your website, you can enter their card details into your system yourself.

Stax offers the same level of services under its banner, which also comes with the promise of ease of use. With a highly intuitive interface, easy setup, and modern design, your customers and your employees steer clear of various online payment processing problems. This ensures that you can accept your credit card and debit card transactions without any issues.

These Stax payment methods also support recurring payments and subscriptions, making sure that you don’t have to bother your customers for monthly payments or miss out on regular payments. This contributes to a problem-free cash flow for your business.

Pricing and Customer Service Remain the Deciding Factor

In addition to additional POS features such as invoice management and sales reports, Gravity Payments and Stax let you maintain a multi-channel system. This makes sure that your business can receive payments through various methods.

This mechanism ensures that you don’t have to compromise on turning any customer away. Additionally, it allows you to benefit from managing all of your payments through a central account, saving your time and funds alike.

Speaking of which, this particular similarity in services also means that the primary factor between Gravity Payments and Stax is the overall affordability. Given that Stax offers the same level of services at friendly prices, it often stands out as the primary choice for many businesses.

It is important to note here that while these services provide similar offerings, they are not wholly identical, and it is the nuances that create the difference.

Yet, affordability is certainly a defining factor in the decision-making process.

To learn more about these solutions, you can reach out to these payment services providers to get specific answers to your inquiries. This lets you understand how these services can cater to your business’ needs and help it grow without excessive fees.

The Stax Value

Stax is a payment processing service provider that understands what businesses want to deal with when it comes to payment processing. The simple answer is that companies don’t want to have to deal with the hassles that come with payment processing.

Payment processing solutions should be something that hums along and works in the background providing the simple service of accepting credit cards, debit cards, and online payments without any hassles or surprises.

Businesses do not need any billing surprises or any service disruptions due to one issue or the other.

While this is easier said than done, Stax ensures to provide an excellent service and has done so for quite some time. The firm has been able to receive great reviews and glowing recommendations from many who use the service.

Stax ensures stability, security, and simplicity in payment processing services that meet the needs of many types of businesses within the United States.

Here is how it differentiates itself within the industry.

The first major difference is that Stax conducts transparent and simple subscription billing. That means that businesses will only have to take on the direct costs of interchange and transaction costs and a low monthly fee. That can be a boon to businesses as they understand what they will pay per month and can plan accordingly.

Businesses will not have to worry about additional charges, contracts, or fears of breaking a contract and switching to another provider. Stax provides flexibility so that businesses can feel free to continue the payment processing relationship or go off in a different direction if they so choose. It is a simple aspect, but it can add massive value overall to your business.

The secondary reason why companies appreciate Stax is that it offers compelling data analytics through its Stax platform. The Stax platform can surely improve your operations as you understand where the sales are coming from and other information that helps you improve decision-making within your business. It is a comprehensive platform that can make a large difference for businesses who want to virtually and physically plug a system in and get to work.

The third point as to why businesses tend to choose Stax is that it offers assistance with PCI compliance, statements and that it will have no qualms if companies decide to go with different providers.

It offers Stax Integrated Payments, Contactless solutions, Stax Features, Mobile processing, Keyed payments, in-person payments, eCommerce solutions, developer application programming interfaces, and even Quickbooks online integration, among other software integrations.

Finally, businesses tend to choose Stax because it offers superior in-house customer service. Indeed, customer service is usually taken for granted until there is a need. Now, when a need arises, that’s when having someone to talk to, that you can work with makes a world of difference.

Stax’ customer service representatives are there 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They are available at all times because they know that your business may not sleep and may need assistance around the clock.

Here is a simple summary of why Stax is appealing to many different businesses.

  • The Stax Appeal
  • Simple Subscription Pricing
  • Zero Markups or additional fees
  • Data Analytics
  • Customer Service that never sleeps
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • PCI Compliance
  • Payment processing ranging from mobile processing to e-commerce
  • Quick Funding for verified businesses
  • Vast POS System Integration
  • Quick Set-Up

From simple pricing to quick setup and regular processing, Stax is there for your critical business needs. As always, Stax will not require you to stick with a contract, so you are free to change providers at a moment’s notice.

Find out more about Stax payment processing and learn how you can save on payment processing services today. We are here to answer any questions you might have and work with you to implement our comprehensive payment processing solutions for your business.

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