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Founded in 1991, Elavon Payment Processing Solutions is a merchant services provider known for its global outreach and expansive payment network. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, the firm ranks among the top payment processors in the United States. Elavon payment processing range across multiple modalities, including retail point-of-sale (POS) terminals, mobile POS machines, and online payment gateways. The firm also provides in-app payment solutions for those vendors who want to process payments through mobile applications.

The variety of merchant services solutions offered by Elavon makes it a robust payment service for various industries and businesses. This includes sectors such as retail, restaurant, healthcare, travel, and professional services. The real-time examples of these solutions can be seen in Elavon’s client portfolio, which includes names such as White Castle.

Despite excelling at its services and boasting of high-profile clients, Elavon merchant services often fall short of delivering affordable prices for its solutions. Due to this reason, the company’s merchant services falter in its overall accessibility. This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) or self-employed professionals who cannot pay premium prices without compromising their profits.

It is essential that you know about Elavon and how its services compare to other options. This lets you make an informed decision under your budget, requirements, and overall needs for payment processing. This is how Evalon payment processing compares to Stax.

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Elavon Payment Processing Fees

While looking into Elavon merchant services, the first factor that you need to consider is the company’s pricing structure.

Since the company offers payment processing solutions across various mediums, it also has different pricing packages in place. Knowing about these details helps you make an informed decision while looking for a merchant services provider.

Setup Fee

Elavon payment processing has different setup fees available for various POS equipment. For instance, if you select the company’s smartphone POS solution labeled the Roam RP457c, you need to pay a $149 setup fee. In comparison, you only need to pay a $20 setup fee for its Ingenico MOVE/5000. It all depends upon the equipment’s features.

Transaction Fee

Similar to other merchant services providers, Elavon levies its transaction fee on a per-transaction basis. The transaction fee for some of its most basic solutions stands at 2.6% & $0.10 for card-swipe transactions, and 3.5% & $0.15 for key-entered transactions. While the structure is in line with other payment processors, the actual fee is a bit higher than standard providers.

Monthly Fee

Elavon payment processing has various monthly fees associated with its services, which vary upon the type of solution you get from the merchant payment processor. These monthly fees are charged separately to other expenses, such as the transaction processing costs. This is also something that is done by most providers. But in Elavon’s case, this particular aspect sticks out due to its price point.

Equipment Rental Fee

The company also charges an equipment rental fee, which is once again on top of the other setup, transaction, and monthly charges. The rental fee can be quite low for basic equipment and a bit on the higher end for more advanced devices, but it typically stays in place for all hardware. This adds yet another charge to the pricing structure offered by Elavon payment processing.

In comparison, Stax has an easy to understand pricing structure that makes sure to eliminate unnecessary charges. This makes sure that you can pay for transparent services and know exactly what type of solutions you are getting in return.

Key Elavon Features

While Elavon’s has a higher price point than many other competitors, it provides several key features along with its services. This meets all of your critical payment and credit card processing needs and proves to be helpful in different settings.

Retail POS Terminals

Elavon’s retail POS terminals are ideal for brick-and-mortar stores that don’t do deliveries and don’t have to take remote payments. These POS terminals can entertain credit cards and debit cards issued by popular payment processors. Some of them are powered to accept tap-to-pay mobile payments as well.

This feature is in line with Stax credit card processing and most essential processing solutions, which fulfill all of these needs.

Wireless Payment Terminals

Elavon payment processing also accepts payments through its wireless POS terminals. These devices are ideal for delivery services, food trucks, and any other business that brings its solutions to its customers. These terminals can accept credit cards and debit cards, with the additional ability to entertain mobile-powered payments.

Stax offers these features through its modern equipment. This seamlessly fulfills the relevant needs of SMBs and self-employed professionals.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Elavon payment processing offers mobile payment services to its clients, which are available in the form of hardware and software solutions alike. By using these services, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a payment processing device. This allows you to accept payments without traditional POS equipment.

Stax is in line with these solutions and gives you a quick and painless way to accept payments through your regular devices.

Online Payment Solutions

Elavon payment processing provides support to online merchants through its online payment gateways, which are ideal for eCommerce or online businesses. These solutions enable customers to make their payments online without the use of a physical debit card or credit card.

Stax is also known for its online payment services, which provide you with a secure way to accept customers’ payments from anywhere.

Virtual Terminal Services

Elavon payment processing also delivers virtual terminal services to SMBs, self-employed professionals, and large enterprises that want to process payments over the phone or without physical cards. This feature lets designated representatives key in customers’ payment details to make their payments go through in a safe and secure way.

Through its robust solutions, Stax powers virtual terminal services for its clients. This allows you to process transactions without the presence of a physical payment card.

Stax Payment Processing Services

Stax processing solutions prioritize three components: high quality, intuitive product experiences, affordability, and human-centric customer services. That is why Stax offers a subscription-based merchant service enabling its broad base of merchants to process payments and have a simple view of their transactions.

A flat monthly fee helps to provide transparency and simplicity for the merchant. It allows you to directly understand the costs of interchange while having a streamlined service that supports your business needs. The best part of this monthly fee model is that there are no surprises and you know what you will pay each month.

The intuitive design present within the Stax service helps merchants like yourself genuinely comprehend your business data and analyze sales information. While analysis is important, other features such as PCI compliance, statements, and other aspects such as two-way QuickBooks integration are essential.

Yet another critical service is that Stax makes certain that real live people are able to help you within business hours with your problems. That means you don’t have to interact with robots or automated processes to handle your most pressing needs.

Here are a Few of Stax Critical Features:

  • Mobile processing
  • Payment gateways
  • Fast next day funding for verified businesses
  • Integration with a wide variety of POS systems
  • Various software integrations
  • Seamless up to date understanding of sales and transactions with an analytics dashboard
  • Zero contracts
  • Quick set up

Find out more about Stax and its Stax platform today to start saving on your credit card merchant processing and merchant services.


With an extensive network and powerful features, Elavon payment processing offers reliable payment solutions to merchants across different industries. However, its affordability factor leaves a lot to be desired for credit card merchants.

In contrast, Stax delivers ideal security, dependability, and functionality to its clients without additional costs. If you are currently looking for a merchant services provider that isn’t out of your budget, looking into Stax may just provide you with the perfect match.

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