Revel Systems Pos Review: Features, Pricing, And Merchant Ratings

The right point of sale (POS) system is crucial to retail success. Revel Systems, an industry front-runner, offers an innovative and tailored solution that caters to restaurants and specialty retail brands.

Yet unlike most retail POS systems, it isn’t limited to POS-related tasks. Revel Systems also promises to enhance customer experiences and boost your overall efficiency. 

To determine if it’s worth investing in, we’ll examine its key features, pricing, and merchant ratings below.


  • Revel Systems is an all-in-one iPad-based POS solution for quick-service restaurants, table-service restaurants, and specialty retail brands. The versatile system streamlines business operations and improves customer service.
  • Revel offers an intuitive POS interface, efficient inventory management, versatile payment processing, comprehensive reporting, and effective customer and employee management. It has flexible integration capabilities that seamlessly connect with numerous third-party platforms.
  • Starting at $99 per terminal, this POS solution suits budding and scaling small businesses. Some users applaud its easy integration, reliable payments, and effective inventory management. Some have faced customer service issues.

7 Core Features of Revel Systems POS

A point-of-sale system is where customers make purchases, and small business owners manage sales and inventory. As the central element of all business transactions, understanding a platform’s key features plays a crucial role in determining its suitability.

The following 7 core features make Revel Systems an invaluable asset for startups and scaling SMBs.

1. User interface & experience

Revel Systems boasts an intuitive user interface designed to streamline your business management. Its dashboard layout offers easy navigation, allowing staff to quickly tackle front-of-house operations like taking orders and processing sales. This means fewer mistakes, omissions, and delays in serving your customers.

Experience-wise, this iPad POS platform’s robust back-office system lets merchants customize the display system, sales tracking, reporting, and more. They can update their menu layouts, item descriptions, pricing, and data record papers whenever necessary. This flexibility ensures the business stays adaptable and responsive to changing customer preferences and market dynamics.

2. Inventory management

Revel Systems facilitates inventory management with detailed control and accuracy. Its product tracking lets users forecast item quantities based on sales data and specific intervals. The data-driven POS solution simplifies stock management and eliminates the headache of frequent audits and manual adjustments.

Revel also sends prompt stock-level updates to optimize inventory replenishments. In a retail setting, it ensures that particular merchandise items are always available. In a restaurant, it includes tracking even the smallest food ingredients to avoid any shortage-related hiccups. 

3. Payment processing

Revel’s POS hardware supports a range of payment methods to maximize customer convenience. It accepts contactless credit cards, online order payments, and mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

The IOS system utilizes point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to ensure secure payment data transmission. This protects both customers and businesses from potential breaches and fraud. 

Merchants have complete control over their pricing strategies with Revel. They can automatically or manually include taxes, discounts, and different fees. Revel equips them with user-friendly tools to manage payments, maintain compliance with taxation regulations, and foster positive customer experiences.

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4. Reporting & analytics

Revel Systems generates comprehensive reports to oversee your business performance based on sales and customer behavior. With this information in hand, users can fine-tune your operations for optimal efficiency and profitability.

Perhaps you notice a specific product consistently sells out during the lunch rush. Revel is useful for assessing and adjusting inventory levels to satisfy this current customer demand. 

The platform’s advanced analytics and auto-generated reports allow users to make precise improvements as well. These include (but aren’t limited to) refining pricing strategies, marketing campaigns, or product offerings to cater to shoppers’ evolving preferences.

5. Customer management

Revel Systems adds value by offering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities and partnering with loyalty program platforms. These features simplify the integration of reward programs, gift cards, promotional discounts, and other customer support facets.

For instance, shoppers can customize their food orders with different add-ons (e.g., additional toppings and condiments) or redeem exclusive points they’ve accrued from earlier purchases. The system also accommodates advanced offerings like online ordering, self-service kiosks, and reservations.

Generic POS systems like Square tend to focus primarily on order processing. Revel leverages customer-centric tools like integrated personalized product recommendations and digital receipts to provide users with an exceptional experience.

6. Employee management

The Revel POS system is the only POS investment that can optimize any workforce during business hours. It has an intuitive employee scheduler and time clock that simplifies shift planning, especially during peak periods. Users can create employee accounts or add/edit multiple accounts by importing an Excel file. 

On top of these employee management tools, Revel can also be leveraged to track the performance of individuals or groups within the organization. 

Users can monitor key metrics such as sales transactions, average check or order value, guest count, etc. This data ties together employee productivity and customer interactions, making it easier to identify top-performing team members.

7. Integration capabilities

Revel Systems boasts hassle-free POS integration to enhance sales, marketing, and financial processes without managing separate systems. Here are some of its notable integrations:

  • QuickBooks – simplifies accounting and payroll processes, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reconciling financial transactions automatically
  • UberEats – synchronizes all orders, whether they come from in-house or through UberEats, in one centralized system
  • Twilio – sends order updates and notifications to customers via text and email and provides real-time information, such as order status and estimated delivery time

Thanks to its open API, users have the flexibility to create custom integrations that cater specifically to their needs. Say you run a coffee shop that specializes in customizable blends with various extras. Revel allows for countless drink combinations that online and in-store shoppers can purchase by request.

Revel Systems Pricing Model

The Revel enterprise doesn’t provide a free trial, but users can take advantage of its free demo. Sign up for one to explore the platform and see how it works. Demo participants can discuss their challenges and needs with Revel’s team.

Revel Systems charges $99 per terminal on top of the installation fee. But multiple terminal purchases may qualify you for a discount. If you’re expanding your business, consider investing in two or more terminals as price cuts begin at this point. 

A caveat: Extra hardware for private equity-backed setups (i.e., enterprises with specific financial funding) may require additional costs.

Users attest to Revel Systems’ commitment to delivering fair and square pricing. Visit their official website at to schedule your free demo.

Merchant Ratings and Feedback

It’s tricky to assess a point-of-sale system’s effectiveness and functionality at a glance. So, here are some unbiased third-party reviews from users with first-hand experience with Revel Systems. It provides insight into what to expect from this tool in practice.

G2 overall rating: 4.2/5

Easy integration & reliable payments

One SMB manager highlights Revel’s ease of integration into their POS system. “In the main dashboard, we see all open invoices and the corresponding payments.” They also praise the seamless tablet adaptation and reliable connection to payment service providers, indicating a smooth, efficient experience.

Challenges in cancellation & account charges

On the flip side, another verified G2 reviewer expresses dissatisfaction with customer service, citing hidden cancellation clauses and difficulties in account cancellation. It points out the importance of carefully reviewing the terms and conditions before committing to any service.

GetApp overall rating: 3.7/5

Efficient visitor & inventory management:

In GetApp, one user commends Revel’s feature-rich capabilities for tracking visitor numbers and inventory. They also appreciate the system’s user-friendliness and effectiveness in day-to-day operations. “The system is very easy for our staff to use, and it requires very little training.”

Recurring technical issues

A negative review, however, mentions recurring technical issues related to credit card processing. The restaurant owner reported technical problem interruptions, disrupting business operations. “They got it fixed, and it worked fine for a few hours, then it stopped working again.”

We hope you now have a clearer understanding of Revel’s pros and cons. Take these reviews with a grain of salt, as individual experiences can vary significantly. 

Make the Most of Revel Systems

Revel Systems can cater to specific in-house point-of-sale requirements. Its commitment to real-time solutions, integration capabilities, and a seamless user experience positions it as a go-to niche-based POS software.

All in all, Revel has the potential to transform your business management. Ensure your team receives thorough training on using this system and stays informed about its latest updates and features. For more guides and reviews like this, visit Stax’s latest blogs and resources.

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FAQs about Revel Systems

What is Revel Systems?

Revel Systems is an all-in-one iPad-based POS solution that streamlines business operations and improves customer service. It is suitable for quick-service restaurants, table-service restaurants, and specialty retail brands. Beyond traditional POS-related tasks, Revel Systems also enhances customer experiences and overall business efficiency.

Which types of businesses benefit most from Revel Systems?

Quick-service restaurants, table-service restaurants, and specialty retail brands benefit the most from Revel Systems. Its versatility makes it an invaluable asset for startups and scaling small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

What are the solution’s top features?

Revel Systems offers a range of features, including: 

  • Intuitive user interface and experience, enabling easy navigation and customization. 
  • Efficient inventory management that provides detailed control, product tracking, and stock-level updates. 
  • Versatile payment processing supporting various methods, including mobile wallets and ensuring secure data transmission. 
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics for business performance oversight. 
  • Customer management tools that integrate loyalty programs, gift cards, and other customer support facets. 
  • Employee management capabilities, like shift planning and performance tracking. 
  • Hassle-free integration capabilities with platforms like QuickBooks, UberEats, and Twilio, and an open API for custom integrations.

How much does Revel’s software cost?

Revel Systems charges $99 per terminal in addition to an installation fee. Discounts may apply for multiple terminal purchases.

What do other merchants say about Revel Systems?

Merchant feedback on Revel Systems varies. On G2, it has an overall rating of 4.2/5. Users have praised its easy integration, reliable payments, and its efficient inventory management. However, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with customer service, particularly issues related to account cancellation. On GetApp, Revel Systems has a rating of 3.7/5. While the system has been commended for its user-friendliness and inventory management, there have been reports of technical issues, especially related to credit card processing.