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Boost cost efficiency, strengthen customer relationships, and enhance payment agility with a customizable all-in-one payments solution that adapts to the needs of every enterprise business.


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One Dynamic Payment Experience

Simplify business operations across all payment types and solutions for a greater, more unified customer experience.

Uncover Opportunities with Analytics

Use actionable business insights to intelligently expand reach and engage with customers in whichever way they prefer.

Limitless Scale

Enable greater levels of growth with payment technology that continues to improve efficiency and increase savings as business scales.

Stax Platform

Accept any payment, anytime, anywhere, on any device with a customizable web-based application that turns any computer or phone into a way to collect payments.

  • Streamline ACH Transactions

    Track and manage settlement and funding status for ACH payments alongside your credit card transactions.
  • Invoicing

    Set up one-time, daily, weekly, or even annually recurring invoices, manage subscription billing schedules, and receive payment update reminders.
  • Level 2 Processing

    Reduce processing risks and lower your interchange rates. Automatically qualify card-not-present payments for Level 2 processing.
  • Text2Pay

    Invoice customers via SMS allowing them to click directly into the invoice from their text messages, enter their billing information, and pay right away.
  • In-App Customer Management

    Access reports, maintain customer profiles and manage customer engagement with your business from a single dashboard.
  • Multiple User Logins 
and Permissions

    Generate unique logins for each member of your team with the ability for administrators to set up controlled access to specific features, reporting, and activities.

In-Person Payments

Expand in-person payments with one unified platform and provide customers the flexibility to swipe, dip, and tap.

Cloud-based Terminals

Quickly set up fully integrated payment capabilities with nothing more than an internet connection.

Mobile Payments

Easily collect card payments on-the-go using a tablet or smartphone to key in transactions or swipe cards through a Bluetooth paired mobile reader.

Point of Sale Integrations

Integrate one unified payments ecosystem with any of the most popular POS systems to effectively manage and streamline sales and purchase activity across all payment types.

Business Analytics

Access actionable Business Intelligence data with real-time and historic financial, inventory, payments, customer analytics and more across every location and line of business.

Robust Analytics

Easily view and monitor hourly, daily, weekly and monthly trends across all locations and lines of business to pinpoint what works and make healthier business decisions.

Online or On-the-Go

Quickly access advanced sales, product details, and reporting from desktop, phone or tablet.

Customer Data

Generate the revenue and opportunity by monitoring and focusing on segments with the greatest customer lifetime value.

Easy-to-Integrate API

Stax’ extensive documentation and feature-rich infrastructure make it easy to add the power of payment processing into your existing app, website, or software.

See API Documentation


Easily enable and customize in-person, online, or contactless payments within your platform using Javascript, Python, and other common programming through languages the Stax RESTful API.


Securely accept and tokenize website payments with Stax.js, Stax easy-to-use Javascript plug-in.


Conveniently add the ability to key-in and swipe payments on-the-go via mobile app or Bluetooth-connected reader using Stax’ developer-friendly SDKs for iOS and Android.

Online Payment Solutions

Optimize shopping cart experiences and create online checkout pages with increased functionality, address verification, and automated batching.

Easy Set-Up

Integrate with major, eCommerce and accounting tools including WooCommerce, Oracle micros, and Shopify.


Have full control over the design of a product shopping cart and service-based payments page for a more unified checkout process.

Seamless Checkout

From product or service selection to checkout, allow customers to complete their entire payment process online without leaving the site and brand.


Stax integrates with many of the most popular enterprise business solutions.

Connect to Other Business Applications

Improve efficiency and accelerate success with integrations to many popular CRM, accounting, and eCommerce tools.

Webhook Automations

Leverage webhooks to track and trigger information flow between Omni and business tools such as G-Suite, Mailchimp, and CRM systems.


Data tokenization and security in compliance with PCI security standards ensures data remains safe across the entire platform and your connected business tools.

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