A fully managed payments facilitation ecosystem for your platform

Combine the power of payments monetization with the control and security of your app, website or hardware. Let Stax handle the payments infrastructure so you can focus on the user experience.


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Go from zero to taking payments with an entire payments ecosystem in as little as 30 days.

Deepen Insights

Leverage in depth analytics dashboards and user reporting to understand enrollment, activity and payment volume.

Monetize Payments

Fully monetize and own the payments experience while transforming your platform’s infrastructure capabilities.

Command Center

Manage and grow your payment portfolio with insights into onboarding, payment activity and merchant management from Stax partner-centric dashboards from a single location.


Fully manage and monitor the health of your enrollment pipeline with user onboarding tracking, deposit reporting, and in-depth underwriting statistics.

Activity and Residual Reporting

Oversee user activity with access to residual reporting, volume monitoring, and payment activity through the dashboard.

Support Team Enablement

Assign unique roles and provide support teams with access to customer enrollment status and payment activity, as well as the ability to submit support tickets to the Stax internal team for additional assistance and Tier 2 support.

Bank Sponsorship

Building a partnership with a sponsor bank is an integral part of accepting payments that requires a significant investment in time and dollars. Eliminate these costs by leveraging our relationship with the world’s leading sponsor bank.

Alleviate Costs

Start accepting payments with little to no financial investment on your end and remove the financial burden of building a bank partnership.

Greater Stability

Benefit from being backed by a powerful sponsor bank with over 50 years of experience in driving growth as the largest provider in the global financial industry.


Stax Connect’s pre-built enrollment platform brings all FINCEN regulations to the forefront through the Stax API. Avoid days waiting for underwriting approval and give users the ability to process payments within 20 minutes of getting started.

Managed Underwriting

Minimize the costs of purchasing multiple tools and hiring a team of underwriting analysts. Stax securely validates each business using AML, KYC, Credit Check, and OFAC.

Rapid Approval

Expedite the enrollment process and provide users with payment acceptance options within minutes, much faster than the industry average.

Custom In-App Onboarding

Enable users to sign up for payment processing directly from your software app with customizable enrollment flows through the Stax API.

Pre-built Enrollment

A proprietary white-labeled enrollment system built by Stax to get started tomorrow with zero development.

Risk Management

Stax strategically takes on the risk of accepting payments for software companies and their users. Streamline risk management and minimize the need for constant PCI compliance monitoring.

In-House Risk Team

Stax handles the validation and monitoring of all payment transactions processed on your software platform.

Safety and Security

Ensure continued PCI DSS security and compliance at every level using Stax intelligently designed payments infrastructure and products.

Dispute Manager API

Expedite the chargeback process with the ability for users to monitor and quickly respond to chargebacks from within your platform in real time.

PCI and Security Compliance

Stax is PCI DSS security compliant with ROC and SOC 2 certifications meaning an integration with our API mitigates risk and scope for you and your customers.

Settlement Engine

Automate settlement and funding of transactions at scale. Stax takes ownership of managing and overseeing the distribution process no matter the volume of funds.


Choose the schedule in which batches are closed and funds are transferred to user deposit accounts without the need for manual settlements or payouts.

Compliance and Risk Coverage

Eliminate the need to manage state and national compliance regulations by staying out of the process of funneling payment funds.


Quickly and efficiently enroll more users and increase volume over time.

Payment Processing API and Mobile SDKs

Stax suite of developer tools is available for software companies to begin development right away. No matter the platform, easily enable payments via the Stax Payments API.

  • s

    Card-Present and Card-not-Present Payments

    Allow users to optimize their payment experience with customizable terminals, cloud-based hardware management tools, invoicing, and easy-to-integrate API.
  • Software Platform Integration

    Enable payment processing in your platform using Javascript, Python, and more through the Stax RESTful API.
  • Hosted Payments

    Accept and protect sensitive payment data on a website with Stax.js, our easy-to-use Javascript plug-in.
  • Mobile Payments

    Enhance your mobile app with the ability to to key in and swipe payments and store payment methods for future use with developer-friendly SDKs for iOS and Android.
  • Business Tool Connectivity

    Create webhooks to send information from your app or website to other business tools such as Google Workspace, MailChimp, and CRMs.

    ACH Processing

    • Accept more than credit cards. Move funds between bank accounts electronically without needing a physical check or bank card.

    Card Tokenization

    • Securely store keyed and swiped payment methods for future use after the original payment is processed.

    Recurring Payments

    • Schedule future payments and set up payment plans to be processed automatically. Efficiently process recurring payments without asking for payment information with every transaction.

    One-Time Payments

    • Key in payments using a desktop or mobile device, or swipe payments using a mobile reader or Wi-Fi countertop terminal

    Spit Payments

    • Split payments for customers that need to use multiple payment methods when paying an invoice.

    Email & Text Invoicing

    • Decrease the amount of time it takes to get paid and conveniently send electronic invoices via email or SMS.

    Card Updater

    • Automatically update deactivated or expired cards that are stored for future and recurring payments.

    Dispute Manager

    • Easily view and respond to incoming chargebacks.

    Data Analytics

    • Manage payments data across multiple locations or channels of the business from a single dashboard.


    • Swipe payments by sending transactions from your platform to a Wi-Fi-enabled terminal.
    • EMV & Contactless Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa payWave, Mastercard PayPass.

    Mobile Readers

    • Easily connect to Bluetooth-enabled iOS and Android devices to send transactions from your mobile app to a mobile reader enabled via Bluetooth.
    • Swipe, dip, or tap on the go.
    • Accept all EMV card types.

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