Deliver More Powerful Subscription Experiences

Achieve greater revenue flexibility with the all-in-one subscription management solution built for enterprise businesses. From dunning payment management to robust financial dashboards, Stax Bill simplifies billing and invoicing so your business can focus on what matters most.


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Automate Billing 
at Scale

Eliminate the need to manually handle complex tasks with streamlined invoice and billing automation.

Boost Revenue Retention

Reduce customer churn and revenue leakage with increased accuracy and payment consistency during the payment collection cycle.

Maximize Subscription Growth

Drive enterprise growth with deep insights on customer subscription trends and purchasing behaviors.

All-in-One Subscription and Billing Platform

Create a fully adaptable pricing and subscription payments experience with the ability to bill customers whenever you want, however you want through a single platform—without the extra cost in resources and manual labor.

  • Subscription Offerings

    Quickly set up, track and manage product and service pricing packages, including bundled pricing, payment terms, and discounts.
  • Accounting and 
Revenue Management

    Standardize recurring payment recognition to reduce payment errors, efficiently manage revenue generated month over month, and save time for accounting and finance teams.
  • Automate Card Updates

    Eliminate missed, late, or failed payments during processing with automated updates to expired cards on file.
  • Robust Catalog

    Easily generate and promote any pricing combination for products and services, customizable to over 95% of industry use cases and target segments.
  • API Integrations

    Connect directly with CRM, financial, and enterprise system gateway for a more unified, feature-rich billing and payments solution.

Invoicing and Recurring Payments

Shorten processing time by scheduling and automating recurring payments using your customer’s preferred payment method.


Customize invoices and statements, generate fully editable invoice drafts, and set up recurring invoices for future billings.

Subscription Billing

Create dynamic payment schedules, adjust payment amounts and pause subscription billing for scheduled payments prior to invoicing.

ACH and Wire Transaction

Key in payments or collect funds electronically right from the customer’s bank account for recurring debit or credit payments.

Customer-Enabled Payments

Empower customers with the ability to manage their own payment details and preferences so your team can focus on generating more customers.

Customer Facing Portal

Provide easy access for customers to adjust subscription plans, review invoices, and statements, view outstanding balances, add services, and manage payment methods.

Self-Service Checkout

Make it easy for new customers to sign up for a subscription plan, select the payment frequency, and add their preferred form of payment through an online registration site.

Customize Messaging

Personalize communications and invoices that reflect your business and brand to drive faster cash collection, including automated emails or texts for failed payments, expired credit card notices, or past due invoices.

Advanced Financial Analytics

Build the best pricing models for your customers and identify new opportunities for business growth with insights gained from real-time and historical financial, recurring revenue, and subscription reporting.

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Subscription Analytics

Easily track customer churn, view subscriber lifecycles, and monitor daily, weekly, monthly, and annual subscriptions across all lines of business.

Customer Insights and Segmentation

Quickly break down customer billing cycles and gain in-depth performance details for every product and service offering.

Real-Time Revenue Tracking

Maximize business opportunities by monitoring revenue trends and identifying segments with the greatest customer lifetime value.

Custom Reporting

Drill down on key financial, operational, and performance metrics with access to over 90 configurable report dashboards.

Top-Level Security and Regulatory Compliance

Ensure payment data remains safe across the entire Stax Bill platform and your connected business tools with advanced payments risk management tools and features.

Highest Level of 
PCI Compliance

Ensure customer payment data is stored in compliance with PCI standards with Stax’ highest level of security.

Data Tokenization

Protect sensitive payments data and limit PCI scope when accepting credit card and ACH payments online, in-person, or by phone.

Regulatory Compliance

Automatically track recurring payments for contracted, recognized, and deferred revenue.

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