Stax for Retail: Smarter Payments for a Smarter Business

Deliver faster in-store and online shopping experiences with the ability to take payments from customers in any way, from anywhere, and across any channel. From smart terminals to detailed reporting and same-day funding, Stax provides the reliable payments and valuable business tools retailers need to grow their business.


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Smart Terminals for Retailers

Offer customers safer, more convenient ways to pay inside or outside your store. Smart terminals provide quick, hassle-free ways to accept any form of payment including Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and contactless (NFC) cards.

Integrations and Online Solutions

Seamlessly connect your retail POS System and easily sell products online with Stax integrated one-click shopping cart and eCommerce payment options.

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Instantly monitor the health of your business at any time, from anywhere. Access custom reporting in real-time to easily track sales trends, manage offers, and monitor customer traffic for more informed business decisions.

Faster Payments, Happier Customers

Whether in-store, online, or over-the-phone create a faster, more unified checkout experience and make it easier for customers to make purchases no matter where and how they want to pay.


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In-Person Payments Made Simple

Quickly and easily accept credit card payments at the counter, on the sales floor, or curbside

Touch-Free Payments

Give your customers the option to pay quickly by tapping their contactless card or device on a smart terminal or use the Stax Platform to securely take over the phone or online payments

Backup Processing

Stay up and running even if the power or internet goes down with the ability to immediately start processing payments on any mobile or tablet device using the Stax Mobile App

Sell Online Instantly

Quickly take your store online with custom eCommerce integrations, personalized checkout pages, and an easily connected online shopping cart


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Seamless POS Integration

Easily connect the Stax Platform with any retail system and eCommerce shopping cart and build a more unified customer experience.

Quickly Accept Payments Online

Easily create personalized website payment pages allowing customers to pay for your unique product or service online. Send a personalized payment link or generate an embeddable web payment button with one click.

Instant Online Shopping Cart

Instantly sell all your products online with Stax’ easy-to-use shopping cart. Simply add products, click “create”, and you’re ready to process orders.

Track the Health of Your Store

Better understand customer behavior to make calculated decisions that boost revenue. Manage and monitor performance across multiple locations or payment channels, track sales, and optimize your business with detailed reports in real-time from a single dashboard.

Track Customer Behavior

Compare new and returning customers and weekly sales trends to easily identify promotional opportunities and make better staffing decisions.

Grow Your Store

Plan for the growth of your business with easy access to performance analytics and hourly activity heatmaps that reflect the latest changes in your business.

Manage Inventory

Track merchandise inventory levels, and compare sales of your products from one season to the next to see what is in high demand.

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