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Enhance your practice with Stax all-in-one payments platform. Securely accept payments from patients and clients with seamless invoicing integrations, recurring billing, countertop terminals, and over-the-phone payments.


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Contactless Payment Options

With touch-free payments patients can easily wave a contactless card or smartphone over the terminal with tap-to-pay capabilities or over the phone to process payments.

Customized Billing, Invoicing, and Recurring Payments

Quickly create customized invoices and send them to patients to get paid on time via text or email. Save customer information and securely store it for future and recurring billing.

Secure, HIPAA-compliant Payments

Stax protects your practice and your patient’s information with the highest level of PCI security. Safely accept payments with a HIPAA-compliant platform designed to keep patient data secure against third-party interception and fraud.

Safe and Secure Contactless Payments

Modernize your healthcare business overnight with contactless payment solutions that are rapid and safe.


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Touch-Free Payments

Allow patients to safely pay in person via credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or contactless (NFC) card by simply tapping a touch-free countertop terminal.

Pay via Email or Text2Pay

Quickly send branded invoices to clients via email or SMS, allowing them to pay right from their smartphone and providing a rapid and simplified payment option.

Take Payments Over the Phone

Key in secure payments over the phone, computer, tablet, or other mobile device using the Stax platform.

Customizable Invoicing and Billing Solutions

Save time and get paid faster with customizable invoices paired with powerful billing solutions that seamlessly work together and reflect the professionalism of your practice.


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Manage Patient Billing

Key in patient credit card or ACH payment information once and securely store their preferred payment method for future use. Stax automatically updates expired credit cards on file, minimizing payment delay.

Send Professional Invoices

Create, customize, and send invoices to patients and clients to get paid on time and securely through the Stax platform.

Schedule Future Payments

Store patient profiles for future payment requests and monitor which invoices are paid or unpaid in one view.

Offer Flexible Payment Plans

Quickly set up payment plans to offer patients stress-free and affordable payment options over time or automatically bill for ongoing services.

Security That Shields Patient Information

Protect patients’ sensitive payments data with built-in security and protection for your healthcare business.

Top Level Data Protection

Stax' highest level of PCI compliance and layered approach to security means your healthcare business can process payments in one of the industry’s most secure environments.

Encryption & Tokenization

Card information is encrypted on all of our processing devices and never stored after the transaction is completed. End-to-end encryption prevents interception of data by third parties.

HIPAA-Compliant Payment Acceptance

Bill and collect patient payments without the need of a BAA. Stax payment solutions allow doctors to accept any form of payment while still remaining HIPAA compliant and keeping their patient data secure.

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