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From the only all-in-one payments platform in the industry to outstanding customer service, working with Stax provides new opportunities for businesses of all sizes to continue to scale with ease. See why Stax is top-ranked in customer experience.


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95% CSAT Score

Our customer satisfaction ratings show that businesses can feel confident in the quality of Stax products, services, and support.

73 NPS Score

Stax prioritizes the customer experience. That’s why we continue to soar above the average industry score of -12.

4.0 Trustpilot Rating

We’re rated Great on Trustpilot based on over 800 verified customer reviews from happy business owners.

Customer Reviews

See what real businesses have to say about how Stax helped them grow at scale and increase savings with one dynamic, all-in-one payment solution.

Customer Support for Every business

Realize true business potential with a team of real people dedicated to providing real solutions. By building a radically simple payments experience, businesses are able to level up and focus on what really matters. That’s why at Stax we believe in going the extra mile. We focus on delivering world-class experiences and work individually with businesses where they need us most.

Online Knowledgebase

Our knowledgebase is always open. Access support articles and find for the answers you need 24/7.

Integrated Chat

Live chat with our team straight from within the Stax dashboard.


From basic to complex, email a dedicated team of success experts with any unanswered questions or needs.


Need to talk? Our knowledgeable in-house customer success team is just a call away to lend a hand.

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