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Online shopping is one of the most popular online activities worldwide. Year over year the trend continues to increase in popularity due to convenience. Studies show that 75% of people shop online at least once a month. The increase of online shopping creates significant changes in customer behaviors, specifically the way people buy and spend. Having an online shopping cart available for digital purchases not only boosts revenue but can also help future proof your business. 

With Stax contactless payments solution, you’ll have access to the best one-click instant online shopping cart for your small to medium-sized business. 

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What is an Online Shopping Cart? 

An online shopping cart, or eCommerce shopping cart, allows customers to shop directly from a website via a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Online shopping cart systems typically include a full range of eCommerce capabilities including payment processing and product management. 

There are two types of online shopping carts: hosted and licensed. The hosted eCommerce solution is managed by the company that hosts the shopping cart. You can use pre-made website templates to set up a completely new store or simply add purchase buttons to your existing website and start selling immediately.

Licensed shopping carts (eCommerce platforms) are hosted on a merchant’s own servers or at a hosting company. A licensed shopping cart or self-hosted shopping cart is 100% customizable giving you, the business owner, full control. 

How to Choose the Right Online Shopping Cart for your Business

80% of online shoppers and 63% of mobile shoppers think that new technologies and innovations improve their shopping experience. To do so you’d normally have to pay for web hosting, a domain name, site security, and any add-ons that your site may need to add an online shopping cart. In addition, you’ll likely need to hire a web developer to help you get everything set up. With SaaS eCommerce solutions such as Stax Contactless solutions, you’ll be able to incorporate an online shopping cart into your business model quickly and easily.  

Stax allows you to create an eCommerce shopping cart to sell your products online with just one click, no configuration or technical skills needed. You can add items to the catalog, select those items, and automatically create an online shopping cart where customers can go to purchase products instantly.

There is no additional cost for this already integrated eCommerce tool, which was typically offered as an independent solution.

How Stax Contactless Solutions Work Together

With Contactless by Stax, you’ll have immediate access to additional touch-free tools that pair perfectly with your online shopping cart. With nearly half (49.2%) of eCommerce sales made through mobile devices in 2020, offering text2pay as a payment option in addition to your online shopping cart has proven effective for business types such as retail stores, restaurants, salons, and businesses offering subscription-based products and/or services. 

Having access to both the online shopping cart and text2pay also allows your business to accumulate customer data that can be used to retarget your current customers for future sales and opportunities. There is a 70% chance that a previous customer will purchase your product over your competitors due to familiarity and overall customer service experience.  Retargeting gives your loyal customers a little push towards your brand, gently steering them back to products they’ve shown interest in. 

We at Fattmerchant offer state-of-the-art contactless payment processing services that take care of all your needs while also being affordable. Through our secure, seamless, and customizable solutions, we can help your business scale according to your expectations. 

To learn more about our contactless payment services or take the next steps towards adding an online shopping cart to your business, reach out to us at Stax today. We will be happy to discuss your needs and help you set up an online shopping cart that is best for your business.

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