Fattmerchant Blog How Businesses Can Go Mobile And Increase Sales

The evolution of modern markets and customer expectations have changed the conventional business payments model entirely. In today’s environment, it is now the norm to see a credit card processing terminal at every other vendor. Further, as customers become more engaged with an ever-increasing number of online and mobile options, doorstep delivery for all kinds of products and services is becoming a commonplace preference. But while offering credit card merchant services only needs some simple changes at your end, offering doorstep delivery can be a bit more complicated.

Traditional methods make it challenging to gather and process payment information outside of your existing business and Point-of-Sale systems. However, thanks to modern integrated payment platform services, you can now expand your options to meet today’s customer expectations. By turning to cloud-connected mobile payments you can easily take payments right at their doorstep.

How Modern Credit Card Processing Can Help You Deliver Mobile Services

Today, modern credit card payment vendors have added new ways to help you process your payments efficiently. In addition to traditional on-site payment methods, these integrated payment platform services now offer ways for business owners to use modern devices such as Apple or Android smartphones to accept in-person or online payments.

This way, your employees or delivery services no longer have to depend upon traditional equipment for payment processing. All they need is their phone, with your payment processor app and business’ information. Any payments that they accept are instantly transferred to your merchant account, all without going into the hands of a third party.

As a result, you can deliver your services anywhere you want, anytime you want.

Do you deal with retail products or food delivery? Home improvement services or consultancy? Regardless of the type of business, this method of credit card processing can help you scale it right according to your expectations.

How Mobile Payment Processing Help You Increase Sales

The super-easy way of processing payments at the doorstep is a significant factor in attracting customers to your business. But there’s more to it than meets the eye.

It Offers Clients Peace of Mind

If you offer mobile merchant services as a prominent factor in your solution, you become more approachable and accessible. Customers will ultimately feel more comfortable contacting you for product or service delivery.

It’s because they know that they have the option to make the payment right at their doorstep, after the delivery of their services. This aspect is in contrast to having to pay upfront and risk failure of getting the product and service.

It Promises Additional Security

These integrated payment platform solutions are designed with new security measures. Even being mobile, these payment processing methods are payment card industry (PCI) data security standard (DSS) compliant.

And it protects businesses and their customers against the risks that come with taking their personal and financial information for the payment.

It Encourages Repeat Business

These credit card processing features come together to make your business the go-to choice for your target market. As a result, you can create repeat customers out of what would otherwise be one-time patrons.

This also goes a long way in helping you increase your long-term sales and enables you to scale your business efficiently.

At Stax, we specialize in offering highly secure, efficient, and reliable mobile payment services for businesses of all scales. No matter the size of your operation, Stax can help you accept mobile payments for your services through your preferred Apple or Android devices.

Learn more about Stax services and see how we can help you increase your sales.

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