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Restaurant supply companies have been sending invoices and collecting payments the same way for decades. As more products are being purchased online, restaurant supply companies such as yours can take advantage of these growing trends by offering online payment options through a virtual terminal.

This flexibility can ease payment collection and sales processes for your growing restaurant supply companies. In fact, turning to a virtual terminal for your restaurant supply company is part of improving your overall business operations. Through its modern payment process, the payment solution can help you resolve crucial issues such as chasing down your customers for payment through its modern payment process.

Here are a few ways your restaurant supply company can improve sales with a virtual terminal.

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How Can a Virtual Payment Solution Help Improve Your Sales?

Adding a virtual terminal to your payment process is an effective way to improve your sales through multiple avenues. Apart from optimizing your current payment processes, the ability to accept credit and debit cards virtually also helps you cater to a broader audience. You no longer have to turn down restaurants that are interested in using your services but don’t have cash or check on hand. Now you can offer them the alternate method of making their payments online, expanding your client base as a result.

As a virtual payment processing platform, your virtual terminal allows you to accept and process credit card and debit card payments without the need for a full Point of Sale system or a credit card terminal. This gives your business added flexibility in collecting payments using a mobile iOS or Android device or even through a laptop so that you or your sales associates can take payments from the sales floor and outside the store or office.

A virtual terminal also helps when want to accept credit and debit card payments when you are delivering supplies to their restaurant or are visiting their premises by opening up the ability to take payments on the go using a contactless terminal or mobile payment solutions.

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Virtual Terminals Add Payment Flexibility

The benefit of using a virtual terminal includes the ability to accept payments over the phone or through your website. You can manually key in payments or embed a payment form to your existing website. No matter where your customer decides to make a payment it all filters to the same solution.

Have a customer in need of a payment plan for a large equipment purchase? Maybe you want to set up monthly shipments for commonly ordered restaurant supplies. How about sending an invoice by text? You can do all these and more through a virtual terminal. No matter the scenario, you can provide a simple and convenient solution for you to process payments and your customer to make a purchase.

The flexibility helps you receive payments on time by allowing you to accept payments when and how they prefer to pay, instead of having to run after clients for cash or check payments. This saves you from a world of trouble in delays and time spent on follow-up.

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Through merchant services payment technology advancements, you can now easily make virtual terminals a part of your operation.

At Stax, we hold extensive expertise in credit card processing and virtual terminals for restaurant suppliers. Whether your business deals in food products or restaurant equipment, our modern solutions can help you optimize your operations with ease.

Our all-in-one services and technology are designed to be simple and easily fit your needs. This approach makes sure that whether you run a large-scale operation or not, you can benefit from the latest payment solutions without any issues.

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