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We sat with Hindsite’s CEO, David Crary, to uncover how partnering with Stax Connect, has positively impacted their business and delivered significant value to their customers. 

The Vision: Adding Integrated Payments to the Hindsite Platform

A year ago, Hindsite was at a crossroads. They had done an incredible job helping their 800+ users simplify operations through their field services software, but had yet to address adding integrated payments to their platform. While their technology helped solve important pain points for their customers, they knew that the next step was figuring out how to create a comprehensive solution inclusive of payments. 

They saw integrated payments as their way of increasing brand value and adding an additional revenue stream for the company. The ultimate goal was to add value to their current customers while establishing Hindsite as the central hub from which all field service contractors operate their business. With that in mind, it was increasingly important for them to find a partner who understood customer service, had technical expertise in the space, and held user experience at the core of their business.

The process of searching for the “right” partner proved to be strenuous, however, their uncompromising value of “customers first” ultimately led them to Stax Connect. 

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The Challenge: Communication and Visibility 

Hindsite realized that the road ahead would prove to be challenging if they did not find a partner who was committed to “go[ing] through the trenches with them.”  “Stax Connect has been great to partner with because there are a lot of back-end pieces that have to work in order for the integration to take place,” said David Crary. 

While choosing a payments partner, it was exceedingly important for Hindsite to find a company that would offer them the level of support that was required by their development team, because payment technology wasn’t their area of expertise. “The communication and visibility that the Stax Connect team continues to provide is outstanding and is a very big part of the reason why we chose them in the first place.”

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The Solution: Stax Connect’s Step-By-Step Payments Integration and Implementation Support

In their evaluation of other integrated payments providers, Hindsite very quickly realized that the support offered from a technical perspective was very limited. Where other companies simply offered to provide them with API documentation and little to no technical support, Stax Connect stood above the rest. From the beginning, they “offered us support every step of the way and had a dedicated team to help us through the integration process and beyond.” In fact, “they helped us see why we hit a wall [in development] and even showed us how to get past it.” 

It was extremely important for Hindsite to find a partner that fit their DNA and was customer-centric above all else. “Although Stax Connect had superior technology, the relationship and alignment on core values were the primary reasons we [Hindsite] chose to go with Stax.” Stax Connect and Hindsite ultimately had the same core values and cared deeply about putting the customer first, giving them the support that was needed, and delivering the best possible service. 

How Adding Integrated Payments Technology Added Value To Hindsite Customers

“The problem we set out to solve when including integrated payments in our value offering has for the most part been addressed.” In fact, since the integration, Hindsite has witnessed improved user experience and has been able to save its users significant time, as they no longer have to operate from a separate platform for payments. Where before Hindsite customers had to spend countless hours reconciling their revenue, and working from two systems, this is no longer the case. Hindsite has also been able to help its customers tackle their accounts receivable problem through its new feature, ProntoPay, powered by Stax, which gives users the ability to store payment information and pre-authorize payments.  

In fact, according to Hindsite user Michael Rose, owner at Suburban Lawn Sprinkler, 

“The ability to accept payments through my Hindsite platform has been an absolute game-changer. Hindsite and Stax are constantly adding features and functionality to improve my experience. As a business in the service industry, we struggle with having a high accounts receivable balance, and thanks to Hindsite’s new feature ProntoPay – that’s no longer something I have to be worried about. For all those, struggling with high accounts receivable balances, I cannot recommend ProntoPay enough!”



  • Accelerated integration of an all-in-one payment solution using the Stax Payment API and mobile SDKs, with full support and assistance from Stax payment experts at every stage
  • Easily consolidated credit card and mobile payments into their platform, with quick user enrollment capabilities through Stax Connect’s pre-built enrollment platform
  • Leveraged Stax Connect’s Command Center to deepen insights and understand enrollment, activity, and payment volume as their platform scales
  • Instant access to direct interchange rates through Stax allowed them to personalize their integrated payment pricing and create an additional revenue stream
  • Able to offer award-winning support services to their users with a partner who is also dedicated to creating and delivering top-level customer experience

Facilitating the Road Ahead

The Hindsite team plans on continuing to optimize the customer experience and adding more features to support their users from a payments standpoint, with the help of Stax’ technology suite. Hindsite’s ultimate goal is to continue to position its platform as the central hub for field service contractors. 

They recognize that payments are an integral part of a business’s DNA and they hope to further enhance their software (specifically their payments functionalities) to continue solving their customer’s pain points. “Getting paid is the biggest thing we can help our customers do and by partnering with Stax Connect we are on the path to creating a powerful solution for service contractors.” 

About Stax Connect 

Stax Connect is an award-winning payment technology leader in FinTech focused on empowering established businesses and software companies to streamline payment acceptance, simplify operations and grow their business. With its all-in-one integrated solution Stax Connect, traditional software companies have access to an entire payments ecosystem at their fingertips. This comprehensive solution equips software companies with the ability to accept payments from within their platforms to help create an overall integrated experience for their users. Stax Connect brings together all of the necessary payment processing tools and services into a single platform, thereby allowing a software company to own and monetize the entire payments experience.

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FAQs about Hindsite partner

Q: What led Hindsite to partner with Stax Connect?

Hindsite sought to add integrated payments to its platform as a means to increase its brand value and add an additional revenue stream. Stax Connect was chosen due to its understanding of customer service, technical expertise in the space, and commitment to superior user experience.

Q: What were the challenges Hindsite faced in adding integrated payments to their platform?

Hindsite’s main challenge was that they lacked expertise in payment technology. They faced difficulties in finding a company that could provide the necessary support to their development team for the payment integration.

Q: How did Stax Connect help Hindsite overcome these challenges?

Stax Connect offered Hindsite unprecedented technical support. They assisted Hindsite’s team at every step of the integration process, helping them understand and overcome development hurdles.

Q: What value did the integration of Stax Connect’s payments technology add to Hindsite customers?

The integration simplified operations for Hindsite users by allowing them to operate from a single platform, saving them significant time. They also introduced a new feature, ProntoPay, which eased the process of reconciling revenue and managing accounts receivable.

Q: How did Stax Connect and Hindsite align on core values?

Both companies put customer service at the forefront of their operations. They shared the same objective of delivering superior service and ensuring extensive customer support.

Q: What is Hindsite’s plan for the future with Stax Connect?

Hindsite intends to further optimize customer experience and add more features to support their users on the payments front with the help of Stax’s technology suite.

Q: What is Stax Connect’s role in B2B operations?

Stax Connect is an award-winning payment technology leader in FinTech that helps businesses and software companies simplify operations and grow their business. They provide an all-in-one integrated solution for streamlining payment acceptance.

Q: What is the primary benefit of an integrated payment solution for businesses?

Integrated payment solutions, such as Stax Connect, facilitate consolidated credit card and mobile payments into a single platform. They offer quick user enrollment capabilities, deep insights into enrollment, and activity and payment volume as the platform scales.

Q: What is ProntoPay, and how does it help Hindsite users?

ProntoPay is a feature enabled by Stax Connect that allows Hindsite users to store payment information and pre-authorize payments. This feature greatly assists businesses, especially those in the service industry, struggling with high accounts receivable balances.

Q: How has the partnership between Stax Connect and Hindsite impacted Hindsite customers’ experience?

The partnership has extensively improved the user experience for Hindsite customers. The integrated payments solution by Stax Connect has led to time-saving, improved revenue reconciliation, and efficient handling of accounts receivable balances.